Friday, 9 February 2018

All Done #17 - Victoria Shawl

This is my 17th All Done post. These posts will hopefully inspire you to use up some kind of craft stash all the way to the very end - no saving a bit for later, hiding it under the bed or stuffing it in a cupboard.  With nearly four balls of Drops Alpaca in this beautiful shade Golden Rod, I have made two scarves. It was given to me by my good friend Christina. 

I seem to be linking Christina in many of my posts in 2018 but I am using her free sock patterns at the moment and she is often kind enough to lighten her own load by sending me spare materials as happy post. 

This is my second go at the the Victoria Shawl by Cherry Heart.I made the first one in a highly patterned sock yarn and you could not really see the little puff details or the spaces that create little butterfly shapes. I always said if I did this again, I would do it in a plain colour. 

I ran out before the border was complete so I used grey sock yarn to complete it. The border isn't quite as the pattern but it is similar and met my yarn requirements. I would have preferred a lighter grey but I didn't have any however, this alternative is actually quite striking.

As with many a crochet project, wet blocking is what makes this shawl special. The holes open up and the border becomes pinpoint perfect. This one is for my friends birthday in March.

Victoria uses up the rest of the yarn after my previous scarf, One and Done by Casapinka which I have kept for myself and worn quite a few times already.

What wonderful yarn but it is all done now and has made me very happy. Thanks for dropping by.

Jo xx


  1. The perfect gift, what a stunning creation and the scarf for yourself is a masterpiece too.

  2. Such a fab scarf and such a bonus using up the last of that beautiful wool!

  3. So pretty! I love both of them. You're doing so well using up your wool. I really should try to wear more gold tones. I love them in home decor.

  4. They both look pretty, the edging on the first one works well in contrast. Lovely colour, Cathy x

  5. Gah, I have no idea what happened to my comment so if you get two, delete one. I love both scarves, and I think the darker border makes the newest scarf look really different from the first. They are brilliant.

  6. I've just seen Jennifer's shawl at Thistlebear and now I come here and see this. I feel like blogland is telling me something....time to make another shawl! I love this and actually thing the dark border offsets the golden body of the shawl beautifully, and assumed you'd planned it that way. x

  7. Yet another beautiful shawl. My own all done posts would all link to you because you are far better at using up my stash than I am :-) I need to learn to buy only what I can use, I always worry that I might run out and buy extra. Love being your friend here in this lovely corner of the internet. Wishing you a lovely week xx