Sunday 25 September 2016

Sock yarn, Soap and a Surprise

Surprise!I did not make a crochet sock yarn blanket, all along I was slowly making a shawl to wear this Autumn which I have called Autumn Wander, perfect for kicking through the leaves. 



My stash ran out pretty quickly by late July as the rows got longer. Luckily I have a very special blog friend Christina from Colourful Life who offered to send me some sock yarn left overs in Autumnal colours through the post. 

How good is that? She nailed the Autumn palette.
I also ordered some Ceramic greek beads from Beadsite to finish the edging. I LOVE these beads and use them a lot.

Also in the parcel I was giddy to find she had sent me one of her handmade soaps. I know I am making you all jealous now but the scent is heavenly, citrus and peachy with a perfect pattern that makes you want to keep staring at it. Thank you so much Christina. I am steeling myself from starting to make soap because I know I will be instantly addicted to making it.

If you want a loose recipe for making a sock yarn shawl you are welcome to use the one below which I made up as I went along to make this one. I have called it Autumn Wander and it is on ravelry.

Make a magic loop, ch3, 2tr in the loop, ch3, 3tr in the loop. You should have a fan consisting of two treble sets. Pull the loop closed. 

Turn work. ch3, 2tr in the top of the last treble from the last row. Move to the centre hole. (Note there are no chains between the sets of trebles only in the centre fan) 3tr, 3ch, 3tr, 3 tr in the top of the last treble.

Turn work. Continue adding another set of trebles in the top of the ones at both ends of each row. Remember to do two sets separated with 3ch in the centre on each row.

Change yarn colour as often as you like to achieve a desired effect. Add beads, make a shell border, sew on a pom pom trim, crochet a pom pom trim - whatever takes your fancy. Do take the time to block it, it makes it drape beautifully and have pointy corners.

It was a prize winner in our local show too!

Hope you might make one. The equinox passed last week so Autumn Chit chat may now commence! 
Jo xxx


  1. Oh congratulations on your win!!!!! We have just had our annual show and I know
    the feeling of winning places for your works. The shawl is just gorgeous and those

  2. I wonder if you could give me a link to a site that would show me what sort of
    craft work was on display at the show you entered? I typed in the Broseley and district....Society but the floral displays came up. They're very lovely, but it's
    the craftwork I would love to see. I'm interested to see the differences in the Australian shows to your own. Thanks.

  3. Autumn chit chat... like how long it is until Christmas???.....
    The scarf is lovely. I have some lace weight yarn and a hankering to make a scarf, so I'm researching the patterns available. I love your odds n ends scarf. It works well... and the ceramic beads are a real finishing touch!

  4. Your shawl is gorgeous - the colours are truly beautiful

  5. Beautiful colours in your blanket/shawl they all seem to blend so nicely. Well done on winning first prize. In answer to Angel Jems "how long to Christmas" it's about 89 sleeps. (sorry).

  6. Yay you congrats on your prize! It is a very gypsy styled shawl and I love that! do you belly dance in winter ? if so you could wear this!!
    best xxxx

  7. Oh my!!!!!! It is wonderful, it certainly deserves first prize. I am loving the colors, you are right Christina added the perfect colors. Her soap is pretty fantastic too. I love blogging friends, they are the best.

  8. Beautiful Jo! I love the little beads on the edge too. Congrats on the win! xx

  9. Oh, what a glorious shawl!! The colours are absolutely divine... I LOVE it. Congratulations on your win! :)

  10. You created something beautiful! I really love the autumnal colours and I am glad my long hoarded yarn found a new home in your shawl. Thanks for the mention, much appreciated. Soap making is addictive, best not to get started, unless you are happy to keep it simple and plain... I just had to throw a batch out, it remained soft and started develop mould :-( no idea what I did wrong. x

  11. I love this shawl! It's super cute with the colors you used. And, I love the idea of using buttons on the bottom.

  12. Bravo! Your 1st Place is well deserved! Thanks for sharing how you made your shawl. I have been putting more rows on my Ruby shawl and your good example cheers me on to finish. The soap and the yarn Christina sent you are lovely gifts. xxxx

  13. Congratulations on your win, such a beautiful creation I love the edging with those stunning beads. How generous of Christina, I am indeed jealous of the soap. I would love to try making some but I am little scared by the chemicals. Take care.

  14. Well done my love. You must be pleased and I hope you are still smiling ,moments like that are rare and you should savour it for as long as you can. That soap looks yummy

  15. Wow, first prize, well done. I love the colours and those beads set it off a treat.

  16. hey, Broseley is just 2 miles away from where I live - didn't realise that your blog that I've enjoyed reading all this time was being written just up the road :) I'm in The Smithies.

  17. I love this! I especially like the way the colours just run into each other in such a harmonious way. What a great way to use up yarn ends. x

  18. Lovely shawl, I looked for the pattern on Ravelry but wasn't able to find it. Can you just confirm what size hook you used please? Many thanks.