Monday, 5 September 2016

Red #ginghamalong

Hoorah! another red school cardigan under my belt. I like to make the girls at least one each every year. I have posted about them before here. It has taken a while because I have had to do it in small stages with a niggly knitting shoulder.

My girls never lose their school cardigans because they don't look like anyone else's, other children don't pick them up by mistake and I always add one of my labels for good measure.

This one is from Sirdar Seaside Babes. I made it with one ball of 400g WI Aran soft and smooth acrylic which was £10 but I have have some left over. I thought it was DK so it has knit up really nicely on 4mm needles. This is new yarn for me which was a delight to knit with so I am hoping it stands up to weekly washing. Hopefully no more shrinking like the beautiful sublime one I did! 

It is not the turn of Little M to have a new cardigan so I used some red gingham left from a school skirt I made for Big Sis last year to make a batch of scrunchies and a more comfortable watch strap for her with elastic. I love this tutorial which I have used many times. I am also joining in with Karen at 'did you make that' in the #ginghamalong

I have been making lots of things for other people of late so I think it is time to cast on my new GREEN jumper next.

Jo xxxx


  1. You always do such pretty work! I crochet lots of things but knitting frustrates me. I can only do the knit stitch and I am very slow. I seem to tense up much more when I try to knit, ha ha!

  2. The red ruffle on the sweater is such a sweet design! Thanks for the scrunchies link! I have only crocheted them. I made 36 of them so that we could use them as wedding napkin ring holders several months ago, and then they decided not to use them as napkin ring holders so the girls in the household have enough scrunchies to last for years :) By all means, enjoy starting your green sweater, Jo xxxxxx

  3. I can see why your girls don't lose their cardigans this is lovely :)

  4. Hello Jo,

    Just catching up on your recent makes. The cardigan is lovely and your daughter looks so happy!!

    I also liked your other recent sewn clothes, that dress and skirt both fit well!!!

    Have a nice week!

    Ingrid xx

  5. Such cute little girls! The cardigan is pretty ♥

  6. Fabulous cardigan! Much nicer than the sort I had to wear to school. Hope it was a good return to school. xx

  7. Gorgeous cardigan for your girl. Sorry snout your shoulder, hope you're soon on the mend.
    Marianne x