Friday, 9 September 2016

Hooray! Amelia Rainbow Quilt

Hooray! I have finished the rainbow quilt for my friends daughter Amelia. 

I made the border from an old duvet cover which I had been hacking at for making toiles of garments. I finally added a navy binding to frame it up.

I tried machine quilting it but I am never pleased with the results so I resorted to hand quilting with crochet thread size 20 which I enjoyed and am glad I did. Hand quilting always manages to take up some of the slack and imperfections in the quilt backing whereas machine stitching just seams to highlight them and make more puckers and unsightly folds. I think I could have got it smoother but I had two small 'helpers' which made it quite difficult. Also we were on the kitchen floor which was only just big enough for the quilt while we had our bums up to the cooker! I did the last one in a village hall at craft club which was a lot better.

 My machine does not have a big aperture so I always end up brutally shoving it through the hole which leads to a complete mess. I would much rather get a few episodes of QI under my belt and settle down to some hand sewing! The same sentiments are echoed here by Cozy things with her beautiful quilt this week.

So do you think I have used up all of my scraps? Of course not, I will soon be plotting another one for more family friends who are coming of age over the next few years.

160 5" left over squares                   0.00
20 5" Charm squares                        5.60
Extra wide bias binding                    7.00
Backing - recycled bed sheet               0.00
Border - recycled duvet cover              0.00
Queen Green wadding  (Half a pack)        12.00
Crochet thread - From stash                0.00
TOTAL                                     24.00

Just because I can, I am boasting my quilt bounty to date. Our Half square triangle double quilt, Imogen, you-are-a-star quilt and the Amelia Rainbow quilt.

Thanks for dropping by. Jo xx


  1. That is very neat hand stitching. I can see why you prefer to do it this way. If I was a quilter I think I would copy your method.

  2. Gorgeous, gorgeous quilts and such neat hand stitching. I have just finished my first and I think I learned what I will do better next time!

  3. Well done looks absolutely superb now finished. Love the navy edge almost missed it while it was hanging on the line.

  4. Love, love, love it Jo!
    Thanks for the link to your half triangle square quilt, this is exactly the method I was planning to use.
    Have a great weekend. x

  5. It's lovely Jo, very pretty. I prefer the slightly wrinkled effect - far better than shop bought and straight out of plastic wrap x

  6. Homemade is brilliant... very hygge! And the quilt looks beautiful.

  7. The best gift ever! IT is gorgeous Jo and will be loved for years and years.

  8. Jo its superbly made and so pretty! xx

  9. Thanks for letting us enjoy seeing it before you sent it off to Amelia, Jo. The border you made is a lovely choice, and thanks for sharing how you quilted it...just smooth enough and a lovely gift to be used and treasured. xxxx

  10. Your quilt pile is so beautiful, and so inspiring. Fortunately, the scraps are never-ending! Beautiful work, as always. Xoxo