Friday, 13 May 2016

Me Made May 2016 - week 2

This week in Me Made May I have been fixing malfunctioning trousers so that I can continue to wear homemade. I am feeling better too. 

I have also squeezed in a little t-shirt make with improvements.

I have made this t-shirt here from New Look K6217 and the fit was way too big on the neck so I went down a size and now the pattern is going to be a firm favourite. I have also been wearing some homemade jewellery by buying myself a new yellow cardigan. A whole new outfit pulled together with some sewing alterations.

My alterations this week include:

Adding belt loops to my stripey jeans. 

Problem: They are fine for the first hour and then as the day wears on and the fabric relaxes, they get too big on the waist. It makes for a saggy crotch at the front which is not a look I am aiming for.

Next up:

Problem:I think I may have been constructing a zip fly incorrectly (?) but it was strange because by following the pattern carefully the second time for the stripey ones above the same thing happened. Anyway my zip on my jeans keeps pinching my stomach. (I remedied the stripey ones when I made them learning from experience to make a flap over the zip teeth)Can you see, the flap on the right is under the zip and waistband exposing the metal to my skin (ouch!)

Remedy: Make a fly flap to cover the zip on the inside.

Not strictly me made but I have a perfectly lovely pair of narrow leg office trousers from Next which needed sewing attention.

Problem: The waist was too big 

Remedy: I unpicked 3" of the back crotch seam up to the waist, cut through the waistband and lining and took out an inch at the top tapering back to the original seam. Then I hand stitched the lining back in place.

Finally these.

I think we can all see the problem here! I clipped too close to the crotch seam for the curve and it eventually made a hole in the bum of my favourite chambray work trousers which I wear a lot.

So this week I have brought two pairs of jeans back into comfy order along with two pairs of now well fitting work trousers. With a bonus T-shirt re hack, a new treat buy cardigan which brought into play a necklace I made last year but had rarely worn.

I am enjoying my version of Me Made May 2016, it is making me think and be very honest about my makes and how they went wrong but can of course be improved.

Are you joining in? Leave me a link to follow if you are.


  1. It's great that you have been able to tackle your trouser challenges this week! Your new t-shirt looks great too!
    I have really been enjoying MMM this year. It's my third year taking part and this has been the easiest in terms of choice of clothes to wear (the first year I didn't have many me-made garments). What is interesting this time around is I am really evaluating the feel, fit and usefulness of my me-made clothes to create a more streamlined / wearable wardrobe. I rejected a top to wear this morning because although I like the print I made it in quite a stiff cotton and it isn't that comfortable to wear - I love that we are learning all the time and making mistakes is all part of the sewing journey.

  2. It is so good to know you are feeling better, Jo! Thanks again for posting about your process of altering your clothing. I am still trying to figure out how to take in the necks of the mock neck t-shirts I have, and it is helpful to see how you have addressed the problems you found with your garments even though the issues we had/have are different :) Happy Weekend! xx

  3. I have made my first pair of trousers this month and learned that the terminology for that fabric that sits between the fly and your skin is called an 'underlap'. How long were you tolerating the zipper pinching? It must feel so much better to have fixed that issue. If you had to pick only one of the alterations/makes in this post, which one would you rate as the most satisfying? Are you self-taught? It is interesting to see your solutions.

    1. Very self taught (with a bit of my mums 1960's school knowledge thrown in!) I have learnt by making lots and lots of stuff and not striving for perfection but striving to learn a new thing from each item I make. I now know what I want to make and always try a challenge without anything being too precious. Thanks for popping in. Jo x

  4. Brilliant it's so satisfying isn't it to bring garments back into wear. Love the look you have with the new cardi and your necklace is great K xXx

  5. You are very clever at altering things, Jo. So nice to do this and make something work that was unsuitable before!
    Happy weekend.
    Helen xox

  6. That all looks fabulous I love seeing things brought back to life, The cardi is a great colour on you. I have been wearing home made but not posting due to frantic, keeping up with self imposed to do lists! If it is not too late I will join in from tomorrow. xx

  7. You are so talented Jo, finding ways to make all those clothes work better.

  8. Well done with your made me's!! They are all great! Hope that you are well on the mend now or completely better!

  9. Glad you're feeling better. Yes enjoying MMM, not been religiously taking photos though, find it hard to remember that bit! Your alterations are going well, and now you have more to wear, well done.