Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Crochet fingers

The last teeny bit of my Boho spirit yarn made a little pair of hand warmers for Little M. Parenting wise she has been a bit of a handful of late and I wanted to make something to show her that I will always love her whatever behaviour she displays.

Crocheting with this yarn doesn't give the same gradual effect that knitting with it does but they are cosy and fun nonetheless.

I don't have a pattern, I just make them up as I go along but there are lots to choose from on ravelry. I gave her a choice of bows or flowers and she chose flowers. One happy girl, well today anyway!

Jo xx


  1. Too many parents tell their children that they love them but don't like them. It can have a lasting negative effect. Separating out the behaviour from the child can seem like unimportant semantics, but I think it is important. No matter what, we will support our children and continue to see them as worthy. I am sure this lovely little gift helped endorse her feelings of security within your heart:)

  2. Love the way the colours change Jo. It has made a lovely pair of hand warmers for a lovely girl. Challenging or not still a lovely girl. Jackie

  3. They all have their moments which is what makes us unique. A truly beautiful gift which I am sure will see her worth. Take care.

  4. Sweet gloves for your special girl! Love the flowers and the pretty colours!
    Barbara xx

  5. The mitts are a pretty and worthwhile investment in loving Little M, Jo :) xx

  6. They are beautiful handwarmers and look good in that yarn and made great use of your last bits!

  7. Lovely mitts for those darling hands.