Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Snippets of WIP's

Lots on the horizon, nothing quite finished yet but I continue to make something everyday.

One more sleeve to go here:

Halfway through this:

Waiting for a sheet to arrive for the back of this:

Just cut out this:

Got a bit stuck on the heel of these:

Hope your WIP's are moving along. 
How many Works in Progress do you have? 

Go on, spill the beans...


  1. That's a lot of WIPs! I used a flannel sheet for the back of my quilt, it is so much cheaper than large amounts of fabric, and no pieces required either. Looking forward to seeing your dress, I do love the pattern. x

  2. Dear JO
    I always have lots of WIPs on the go! At the moment, there's a bracelet waiting to be finished, several bracelets waiting to be started, a skirt with a zip waiting to be sewn, patchwork waiting for me to start it... I wouldn't know what to do with myself without at least one project on the go!
    Good luck with your progress.
    Best wishes

  3. Love the pattern, I collect vintage patterns and then never use them. I have always got projects on the go, consequently I never get fed up with crafting as I hop from one to another.

  4. Lots on the go Jo. Phil was reading your blog out to me and I thought you had gone all 50 shades what with WIPS and bras and knickers. I just have one on the go at the moment finished the shawl needs blocking and tassels fitting ( there we go with the 50 shades again) and have started a cowl. Plenty of socks to do though and ordered wool for another shawl. So mine must be work in planning.

  5. I'm to scared to count up how many wip's I have on the go, you seem to have lots of good stuff going on
    Clare x

  6. Well that all looks lovely, I know which one I am waiting to see (the top one). How busy you are! I'm making socks after a 3 year break where the foot of one was just waiting in a bag. Well this week I got it out to realise I have forgotten everything I knew about making socks - not much.

    I actually made a pig's ear out of everything and ripped out the heel, the heel flap and then realised after I had gone on too far that the gusset decreases may be messed up. It was actually all quite heartening because I was able to either fix things or make them look fine. This sock is a bit of a disaster in so many ways - it should be too small but isn't, it should look shambolic as the moths got the yarn and I've ended up with 6 joins, but it doesn't. Despite everything and the fact that it is my most messed up and jinxed sock ever, it is the prettiest. I'm just hoping that I stop in a good place to do my toes and then it will be done. Just the 2nd one then and hopefully not another 3 years in the waiting.

    Lots of projects in mind but no other in progress at the moment. Oh yes, there is the cushion cover which must be finished v soon.

  7. Lots of exciting things underway!! I look forward as always to seeing more! My WIP's, a tapestry - getting there - a new secret project - going faster than I thought and a crochet blanket, going very slowly indeed!!! xx

  8. I'm very low on WIP's at the moment. Just one cross-stitch sampler! That's it. I love the look of the yarn you're knitting with, it looks soft and the colors are beautiful.

  9. I love the look of that vintage dress I can't wait to see that when it is finished.

    I am trying to work my way though some of my WIPs at the moment and some of them I am realising I just need to accept are never going to get finished either because I lack the skills to complete them or because they are evolving into something else!

  10. What is that multi-coloured thing? It looks like really nice yarn, Mx

  11. It's fun to see the colors and variety in WIP, Jo. I think I have five: two blankets, one pair of socks, a doll dress, and a shawl. I am enjoying progress :) xx

  12. Can't wait to see you model your crochet sweater (I have the Vintage Crochet book too and would love to get going with it). Do you use a sheet to back your patchwork? I have a completed log cabin front and a cotton primrose yellow almost new flat sheet which I've been thinking about re-purposing for the back. Please tell me it's in the spirit of patchwork quilt making to use what you have. Reading the comments above I see Christina also used a sheet so if a sheet is good enough for you talented ladies it is good enough for me. I adore the dress pattern and spotty fabric you've chosen - another pattern I'm sure I recognise from my mum's collection. So wish I'd saved some!