Monday, 7 December 2015

Winter Link Party

Hello there if you are joining in with the Winter Link party from Thistlebear. The shine has gone off completing my cabin blanket as you can imagine but I had made lots of progress on it.

After joining the squares together I was undecided about a border. However, after seeing all your CAL Spice for Life blankets hosted by Cherry Heart I was inspired...

...a Spice for Life style border. I am just picking and choosing a pattern and a ball of yarn from the ones I have left then whizzing around with each colour for a border. I can see why you all found it such fun and totally addictive. 

More rounds to go but I am pleased so far...

It is hibernating for a while now because I don't have the same motivation for it at the moment.

 I do however have plenty of other cosy winter projects to share so I can party on with the Winter Project link party.

I have this school cardigan for Big Sis. Her arms keep getting longer but she is not really getting any bigger in the chest size.
I am knitting the two sleeves at the same time to avoid the 'making- another-one' syndrome I get.

I have also started a crochet cardigan for myself using Rico cotton, it is a no brainer pattern so it is good for a rest from the complex knitting pattern above.

I'm off to see what you have all been up to on 
these cosy winter days.
Thanks for stopping by Jo xxx


  1. All looks amazing Jo! I wish you could crochet 2 sleeves at the same time as easily as in knitting - all my troubles would be over.

    Ooh - that cardigan! What's the pattern?


    Eleanor x

    1. I will link it when I post it finished, I can't quite find the pattern at the mo as I am on the straight bit and I went off piste (as usual) it is free from ravelry though. Jo x

  2. Loving the border on the cabin throw. I have got side tracked from my original winter project as I seem to have become addicted to baby things in preparation for my two new Grandbabies. LOVE, love the cardigan.

  3. Am looking forward to seeing the cardigan especially. There aren't enough people using crochet to make nice wearable things. In the past they used it to make sweaters, cardigans, gloves and well anything really. Apart from the very lacy things, we don't see much in the way of normal everyday clothing. There is even the notion that it isn't a very good idea. There are many blankets but I would love to see more cardigans as I think we all need some inspiration!

  4. Loving the colours and the border of your blanket but can understand that your motivation has been lost. The texture on the school cardi is super and your lacy cardi is so are clever!

  5. I love the colours in your blanket, really beautiful.

  6. Some seriously beautiful makes x

  7. Hi Jo, thanks for joining in with my link party! Your blanket is so beautiful. Those colors! It's so soothing and soft. The cardigans are coming along beautifully too. I admire your ability to switch between knitting and crochet so successfully. You're a master of both!

  8. Your blanket has some lovely soothing colours. The blankets I have made have all been a little bright so the next one will definitely have some calmer shades. Thanks for the comment regarding writing the instructions down I'm aiming to do that this weekend. Have a good week x

  9. Gosh you're having a busy winter! Lovely projects - I'm still plodding along with my Spice blankie but determined to finish it before the new year. Looking forward to seeing your crocheted cardi when it's done.xx

  10. Your blanket is fabulous! I love the border. xx

  11. Three pretty projects, Jo! You are making good progress, and I love seeing the colors and patterns you are creating. Thanks for posting! xx

  12. What a lovely blanket. I always put a border on my blankets as I think it finishes them off perfectly. Three lovely projects you've got on the go.

  13. Your blanket looks perfectly framed with the border , like me you have a box for those projects you can't manage at the moment. If I'm honest I have a blooming large cupboard filled with such likes . Hope you are well.

  14. I just love the colours in the cabin blanket, so fresh yet comforting and cosy. am in awe of you making a cardigan for yourself. It's looking great

  15. Seriously no brainier? I think it looks very complex. Love your balnket and the sweater for Big Sis.

  16. I love your crochet cardigan. Are you following a pattern or designing it as you go? And the intricate border with the solid squares is simply genius. Hope you feel better about finishing it soon Jo.

  17. The border is perfect it looks wonderful. Second sleeves are like second socks.......