Thursday, 17 December 2015

Shoebox crafting

I am currently waiting to finish some big knitting and crochet projects -  I have ran out of wool on two garments so I have turned to fun little hand sewing bits and pieces to keep my hands busy while I wait for more yarn to arrive.

I saw these little yo-yo key rings on pinterest and my sewing class whipped up a few while we ate mince pies and drank tea. They look fab hanging from a gift bag too.

I also made a clamshell purse which opens when you squeeze it. I had a kit for it a while back where I traced off the plastic panels that go inside but this time I replicated it with the sides of plastic milk bottles but the accuracy was not quite the same. 

I keep my tailors chalk in mine to stop it making my sewing stuff all dusty but then again it would make a great present with jewellery or sweeties in. The original kit is by Clover here.

So I continue to make a little something everyday. 
What about you? Busy?


  1. Lovely little makes, the clamshell purse is a great idea, and no doubt very handy to keep your tailors chalk in. I'm just finishing off a knitted blanket, in time for Christmas Eve I hope! I'm on the last ball of wool, hope there's eonough! CJ xx

  2. Beautiful little makes, love the yoyo key rings they would make great gift toppers. A make on my to do list...

  3. Wow!!You have been busy making lovely little things:)

  4. Lovely little makes! I really like the clamshell. Happy Christmas! xx

  5. Busy is an understatement!
    Love your makes.

  6. I'm amazed you have time to sew, look after a family AND blog. I've been making another hat, this time for my sister-in-law who lives on a farm and needs a wide brim to keep the Aussie sun off. And also 17 little Christmas stockings which I'll fill with Smarties and write names on for place cards. I've made about 30 Christmas cards and envelopes and a heap of gift tags, a Christmas pudding, an ice cream pudding, fruit mince pies and shortbread. Such a lovely productive time of year. I'm envying your cold weather as it was 44 degrees here yesterday! Happy Christmas. C.

  7. I'm a bit behind on my blog reading, Jo, but finally made it here. I love your pretty baubles and all the little makes. I've not had much time for crafting these past couple of weeks and my fingers are beginning to complain.

  8. Very clever makes! I have been crocheting chains for big jingle bell ornaments and crocheting a doll clothing bag for one of the grands :) xx