Wednesday, 2 December 2015


To mark advent I am sharing a project we have been doing at sewing class, a Christmas stocking ready for Father Christmas to pop in a satsuma and a little something crafty hopefully pretty soon.

The pattern is from here. A simple print out to cut and stick together (not the epic kind we all hate when we make clothes) just nice and simple with a good overall shape.

The blog tutorial is easy to follow with useful photos. We used this project to have a go at using some of the stitches on our machines that we had never used before. It helped us fiddle around with stitch width and length while understanding what happens when we change the dials. A useful lesson for everybody.

I had some Christmas fabric fat quarter leftovers from my Minerva 
yo-yo wreath last year so was happy to share.

Advent, that wonderful time of preparation for mind and soul.
Jo x


  1. These are gorgeous Jo. Such a great project for your group. I'm loving Kirsties handmade Christmas but you had no chance of following her stocking directions. These are nicer too I think.
    Jacquie x

  2. I need to buy Christmas fabric now! Your stockings look great! x

  3. These are great Jo! It's true that we don't use all the facilities machines have-they really set off the designs here. Just about to make some stockings as well, I agree-love the Advent time so perfect for crafting xx

  4. They are simply stunning, love the use of the stitches as an embellishment such a great idea. Hope you get something nice popped in....

  5. I am sure that Father Christmas would love to leave a Satsuma in any of these stockings!! xx

  6. What a lovely stocking, Jo. I hope Father Christmas leaves something wonderful for you. I hope you've been nice :-)

  7. Your stocking is so nice, Jo. I love that you're practicing stitches on it. I have only used a small fraction of the stitches my machine is capable of and I should really just try them all out on a scrap piece of fabric sometime, just to see what they look like.

  8. Wonderful job Jo, they are all lovely.

  9. Thank you so much for your lovely Christmas card, such a lovely surprise! So very kind of you. Perhaps you could let me have your address so that I can reciprocate, I always love to send cards! Thank you again and I hope that you have a great Christmas! xx

  10. Our family tradition was to receive a coin and an orange in the toe of our Christmas stocking from Santa. I still have the flannel stocking my mom stitched for me on her sewing machine and then she hand embroidered my name on the cuff of the sock. Trying out machine embroidery on the cuffs is so pretty! xx