Wednesday, 9 December 2015


I don't want to alarm you... I made these cards last February in case you think I have made them recently! The craft section was closing down at our local Garden Centre and I bought up some Victorian ephemera card kits for stupid money.

I was so excited by the kits I made them up straight after I bought them way back in February and then packed them neatly in a box ready for Advent, smarmy I know.

Even the smallest bits made it onto a card towards the end. I hate keeping itty bitty things to clutter the table and never get used so I fell back on my favorite card layout - squares in a square - works for me every time.

I made 46 cards. These are the unopened kits I haven't used yet. Pence people, they were pence...

I will reveal to you now why these kits appealed to me so much in the first place. I collect old postcards. Not any kind but embroidered ones, Victorian 3D ones, especially cards with flowers and feminine model imagery on. They are my favourites. My nan started me off when I was little giving me a stash from our family history and I have added to the album whenever I see more.

This one is my ultimate showstopper. A postcard that lights up when you hold it up to the window. So simple but so incredible. 

Hope you enjoyed a bit of crafting with some history thrown in. 
I just have to actually write in mine now!

Jo xxx


  1. Wow your cards were a bargain and they are lovely too...I''m a sucker for anything traditional. I made all of mine as usual, about fifty this year.
    Your 1905 postcard is delightful.

  2. I got lucky with the very same card kits from our local garden centre, have used some of them and saved some for next year. LOVE, love the 1905 postcard, I have got a small collection but nothing as amazing as that.

    1. They were a bargain weren't they!

  3. Very pretty cards and a great bargain x

  4. Really pretty cards Jo and very organised of you!! xx

  5. Beautiful cards, Jo and so nice that you made them when you felt inspired and had plenty of time. I love old postcards and greetings cards too and have collected a few. Love your 1905 one that lights up, that is very special!
    Helen xox

  6. Wow, Jo. Your handmade cards are beautiful and what an amazing collection of vintage ones! I love the lit-up cards too. I also like the old ones that have powdery stuff that looks like real snow. I don't know what they used exactly, but I seem to remember that it might have been a type of dry gelatin. Thanks for sharing your collection!

  7. You could never have passed them up, they are fantastic! I just love them all. I have several old valentine's from family and I cherish them.

  8. What fun to learn more about things that interest you, [and me], Jo! I enjoy looking at some of your collection. I have been collecting cards with sheep on them and have a little album filled with them. I continue to admire how you pace your creativity throughout your days; you're a good example for me! Thanks for posting :) xx