Friday, 4 September 2015

My man sew

Today I am linking up with Lazy Daisy Jones for a man sew.

My vintage jacket make from last month which I posted last week turned up some left over lining and I did so love that jacquard lining from Minerva. I decided to put it to good use to make my first man sew of this year. 

The lining is so thick that I was able to use it as the outside fabric and lining. I made my bloke a cumberband and bow tie for a black tie event we are attending in September. By the skin of my teeth, I also managed to get it done the day before his birthday so his present was made with love, as well as a bit of haste it has to be said!

Have you ever made one? I had forgotten how painful marking all those pleats with tailors tacks was.

I dug out this old pattern from the 1990's, but will it ever go out of fashion? I doubt it; fabric choices and hairstyles maybe!

Daisy sets the bar pretty high for her man sew posts so I just had to get my bloke to model it. I can't be outdone by her modelling man now can I!

  It's OK to cut my own head off in the name of vanity but it seems rude to chop off somebody else's.

There. It was really just a secret way to get him to try on his trousers and shirt before the day to check if it needed dry cleaning, but it worked and it still fits him. Phew!

Jo xxx


  1. I remember my Mum making dozens and dozens of ties for the pony club in our town, when I was growing up. Mind, she also made tutus for the ballet teacher too.

  2. A great make and so nice to see your husband. Sounds like a great event.

  3. I think you did very well to get your husband to appear on your blog, headless or not! What a satisfying make.

  4. Brilliant job my friend!

  5. Crikey Jo that's fab! I'm just foraying my way back into blogland so there's a lot of catching up to do and it's great to see you're still going strong! Of course you know what I think your next man sew should be - no? - well I'll tell you! A KILT! Go on I dare you - they did it on GBSB so I'm sure you'd find it a doddle! In fact I do believe there should be a 'kilt off' between you and LDJ - oooh now there's a thought .... Okay okay I'll go away! Looking forward to catching up with your other posts x Jane

  6. You obviously put a lot of time and effort into this Jo and it has really paid off it looks fab.

  7. You have such a handsome model for your loving, and lovely, sewn gifts, Jo! Bravo, and thanks for posting! Belatedly, Happy Birthday to your dear husband! xx

  8. Jo just seen this will link up with you now!
    A xx

  9. What a great man sew!!!! I hope that you enjoy the event that you are going to. What are you going to be wearing??? xx