Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Exquisite collar

I made a blouse, a proper one with a collar and buttons and everything. I even restrained myself and made it in a solid colour so that I could get some wear out of it. A lesson learnt during Me Made May 2015.

I haven't made many things with a collar so I was pleased with the little curl this one had on each side. It sits very neatly and looks so smart.

The back has a tie that I had to move up slightly but it makes it sit well round my waist.

I used Newlook 6598 View C but now I have got the hang of the collar I would love a gingham one with short sleeves. The fabric was sponsored by and is from their new tula cotton range. It is a medium weight cotton and holds a shape well without feeling stiff. It comes in a huge range of colours at £6.50m. It has a sort of linen weave look to it - really nice.

I wore it to our local Autumn show at the weekend.

Little M was delighted with her first prize in the children's sewing, winning one pound and coming first made her forget all about the day she was sewing it, lost her temper and shut her own thumb in the door. I am not sure having a day in A&E, a general anesthetic  for surgery and losing a thumb nail was quite worth a one pound prize for a tapestry teddy bear but she seemed to forget all that in the excitement of triumph.

We won lots of other prizes too so now I can wear my cardigan, Little M can cuddle her crochet giraffe and Big Sis can wear her cardigan from her nanny;all entered into classes.

We love show time. Do you have anything like this by you?
Jo xxx


  1. I am afraid whilst we have a small village fete and a few church fairs there are no shows locally anymore, such a shame. Well done on all your success's, particularly Little M after going through so much, bless her.

  2. Well done and the blouse looks lovely xxx

  3. Your blouse is lovely and looks great on you!!! Congratulations to you all on your wins at the show, especially to Little M! xx

  4. It's gorgeous Jo and congrats to Little M. The story of her mishap did make me wince. Hope she is all better now.
    Jacquie x

  5. Hi Jo, I love your purple blouse, the fabric and the colour is so nice and your sewing skills are fab!!!
    Congratulations on winning prizes!!! Hope your daughter is feeling ok again!!!
    Ingrid xx

  6. Beautiful blouse - so neatly made! I love shows like yours but sadly I only know of one near us and we can't enter as we are not residents. Well done to your daughter
    Caz xx

  7. Wow, it looks fantastic! I love the tailored look of it and it fits you beautifully. Way to go, Little M! She's just like her mama.

  8. Wow, looks fantastic . Every time I visit your blog you have blown me away with another gorgeous make . You must be so proud of your Little girl she is clearly following her talented mummy

  9. Snap! Seems you, Handmade Jane and I have been making very similar shirts. Yours and mine have the same wing collar (, love it.

  10. Lovely blouse, lovely colour. it looks great on you. I would love to make one like this but the collar scares me a bit. I will stay in my halter neck comfort zone for now :) Well done to little M for her win, despite the trauma along the way.

  11. This is impressive. And a great color. Looks lovely on you.

  12. How exciting! The blouse is beautiful and to have your entries to the show earn prizes is wonderful :) Cheers for all of you! We have a once a year county fair, but I have not ever tried to enter any of my work in it. xxx

  13. I am so glad Little M's thumb is on the mend. Your blouse looks fabulous, what a great fit and it really suits you. Well done on all your show entries - and wins.