Monday, 28 September 2015

Man yarn 2015

Another one of my 2015 crafting new years resolutions is now finished.

This post has been on my schedule list for aaaages so today I have linked up with Lazy Daisy Jones to show you some more man action. This yarn arrived in January for my bloke knit, a 2015 new years resolution. Patons Wool blend in a stormy blue shade. I used 3 out of the 5 balls.

The pattern is from 1985 so you have to see past the styling. I mean lovely as the model is in the photo shoot, my bloke isn't exactly lying around in meadows chewing grass, he is a busy man. He would however be immensely jealous of that Morrisey hair. 

The actual pattern shape for the 'tank top' was pretty sound I thought. 

I cast on but one night while he was out I measured it up against his regular jumper and it was way too big. I frogged it on 22nd March. I cast on again in April but I was in no hurry. 

By May I had it back in my sights...

I cast the back off at the end of May and needed to cast on the front. I just had too many other knitting distractions at that time. Still knitting in August....

Then over the last two weeks I really went for it to get this one out of my knitting bag. I have fresh ideas popping into my head but I don't want too many WIP's at the moment with my work schedule picking up.

All finished

We hadn't got a pipe for one of those manly posing shots on vintage patterns so I caught him with an axe at the cabin.

He likes it, because I made it, and that makes me feel nice inside. What is he looking at? The many migrating birds we saw on Saturday night deciding this calm, sunny weekend was a good time to get out of here before it gets too cold. Good job Bloke has a new pullover.

Do pop over to Lazy Daisy Jones to see her man make this month.
Hope you had a calm and sunny weekend too.
Jo xxx


  1. Awesome post Jo :) I love your 'modelling shots' and I have to admire your handiwork. I've been wanting to knit one of those for my DH and I have to say your post has inspired me to buy the yarn and cast on! These cooler autumn days are just perfect for a sleeveless pullover.

  2. Love this you are fab at knitting, Im afraid my man sew is not quite finished will work on it right now....thank you for linking up
    Ash xx

  3. Yes, we actually had a lovely weekend away camping! The last time this year. The tank top is really lovely. I find that most of the older patterns have good shaping even though the styling can look a bit funny now.

  4. He looks great init and if he had some grass idling spinning in his hands while deep in contemplation it woulds look cheesy, he looks wonderful in it just the way he is.

  5. The color blue, the style of the vest, your neat knitting work and your husband are handsome, Jo. You continue to inspire me :) Have a happy week. xx

  6. Wow, it's awesome! It looks great on him too. I think he needs to lounge on the ground chewing grass, just for fun. :)

  7. He likes it because you made it. That's really lovely, isn't it? And presumably why we spend hours making things for our loved ones. It's great, and I love the shot of him chopping the wood - so manly! x

  8. You've had the wool since January ? ha ha , glad its not just me. Worth waiting for though. Lovely garment and wool. And it really suits him.