Friday, 31 October 2014

Friday Fantasy Quilt

I have wanted to make a double bed quilt for years. I always sort of chicken out and nearly make one, then another, then another and in truth the time making all those 'nearly' quilts could have made a fantastic one. One turned into a patchwork duvet cover which now resides at the cabin...

one turned into a centre piece for a bed spread but not the entire top...another a wall hanging...Annnnyway....

I decided to start cutting another one. THE one. The journey of my fantasy quilt begins. My inspiration was from this beautiful quilt by Kristen at Cozy Things in October 2014

Cozy things blog photo
Ooh yes I thought. I want one a bit like that.

So I searched out my fabric stash which had been sorted out in the summer of 2014 in a colossal craft clear out. I have a red bag and a blue bag.

I made a template 11cm x 11cm. Why? I really don't know but I was thinking that some fudging, stretching and distortion room would be good. Also my fabric pieces were quite small in places and I wanted to use as much of it up as possible. I then found a good tutorial on cutting half square triangles(HST's)here. This is how I did it:

You cut your squares with a bit of spare around the edge.

Then pin two squares together, right sides facing and draw a diagonal line corner to corner.

Sew either side of the line using the foot as a guide along the pen line.

Cut the pen line.

Open each half out and press your wonky square.

Then square up with the original template back to 11 x 11cm. (or whatever you are using)Ensure your template corners match at the seam join corners to ensure the same triangle angle each time.

It works really well. I cut some this week, snatching an hour here and there while the children were off school on holidays and look what my little ones did...

They promptly set to work like little bin weevils scooping my off cuts from the floor. Snipping, colouring and sticking.

I am in awe of that kind of creativity in children.

 We were enjoying ourselves until bloke asked me what the squares were for and I said, 'a double bed quilt.' He promptly did the maths and said, 'you will need about 400 of those!' Bum I thought, this is what happened to me last time I tried to make a quilt... and the time before that. 

But you know some of us have children and it is really hard work but sometimes we have another one don't we? So I think I just need to put the hard work into this baby. See you for a six monthly check up on this quilt. You can see if she has put some weight on or if she is thriving - I might have cut it out by then.

Do cheer me on, I need it. Jo xxx


  1. I have so many patchwork cushions that failed as quilts... you've past the 15 inch danger zone so its looking good. xx

  2. In my opinion a quilts not a quilt unless it's taken you three years to make! X

  3. I have only ever made one double quilt in my life it was for my eldest daughters wedding gift. It is cherished and loved by her and her husband so well worth the effort. I am so glad my daughter didn't ask for one for this wedding with everything else I have made. Take your time and enjoy the journey...

  4. Love the quilt and your children's creative endeavors.
    Hugs to you,

  5. Good for you! It's a huge undertaking and I honestly think that starting is sometimes the hardest part. Maybe you can give a weekly update so we can all applaud your progress.
    I can't believe what your children did with the scraps. So creative and clever.

  6. Oh, I have an quilt idea in my head, too. I haven't even started the cutting process. You could aim for a two squares a week or something like that..... however long it may take, it will be beautiful! Enjoy your weekend. x

  7. I had to reread that to work out if you were actually having a baby lol
    Thanks for sharing the cutting triangle tutorial, genius idea :)
    Good luck with ongoing progress with the quilt.

  8. Go Jo, go Jo, go. It'll be fabulous and totally worth all the hard work.
    A full size quilt is something I WILL make one day. I loved Kristen's quilt too.
    Jacquie xxxx

  9. I think your spirit and your efforts are quite inspiring, and you are very creative and resourceful in the way you make use of quilts that did not grow up the way you expected. Keep at it! I love your colors and combinations.

  10. Focus is the key, you will do it, but have a few little breaks (not nervous ones) along the way, it helps to make a few little things in between sessions with the biggie. It'll certainly make a hole in you stash.
    Good luck. Barbara C.

  11. Wow, it's beautiful. I'm glad you're taking the plunge. I've made two bed-sized quilts and it's a really rewarding thing to do.

  12. So exciting. Like you I really want to make a big one, I have chosen the quilt, I have the fabric, I just need the time. Any idea where I buy that? xoxo

  13. I think that it will be beautiful, and remember, the best things come to those who wait, so you might have to wait 6 or 9 months to get this done, but it will be well worth it when it is finished. I have a quilt top all sewn together, but no more done than that, I really must get some wadding and get quilting! xx

    1. hi Amy, Here is a link for some great 'green' wadding made from recycled plastic bottles. It is fab, I have used it before. xx

  14. It will be fabulous! Keep going! Looking forward to the six month check up! Bee xx

  15. Don't give up, Jo! I love it so far. Your children's art is lovely, too, by the way--that photo of them sitting crosslegged, heads down, hard at work--beautiful. :)

  16. Do it, do it! If anyone can, it's you Jo. I keep fantasizing about a huge English paper piecing quilt of hexies. I have the fabric, that's for sure! I just need a kick up the bum. xx

  17. They take after you, using up every last bit :D

    You can do it, just keep at it and one day you'll have enough! I just need to do the same for my crochet squares....