Sunday, 12 October 2014


Little M was five this week. She is tiny so she doesn't look it. She has really enjoyed starting school and has turned into a different girl - she has less angst and temper and more understanding and cooperation. She has a close circle of friends unlike Big Sis who is friends with everyone.

She asked for three friends to come and play.

What do you want to do? I asked...

Cutting and sticking with my friends, she said.

Shall we have a crafternoon, I said.

She laughed because she got the pun and said, yes.

So Sunday was a crafternoon with crowns, treasure boxes and beady bracelets. 

It cost me the treasure boxes, the rest I trawled from around the house. I was sort of glad to put a dent in some of it. 
They all had such fun and attacked creative play in such different ways. It took me to my Primary school teaching days. I found it so interesting to observe children playing by standing back and not interfering.

My best friend bought her this skirt for twirling, she didn't know I had made this party cardigan, we are a bit psychic like that!!

Happy Birthday Little M. 


  1. Happy birthday to your little sweetie! Her birthday outfit looks amazing - I cannot believe you and your bestie matched so perfectly! Looks like Little M is following in mum's crafty footsteps...Cx

  2. Happy birthday to Little M! The party sounds like lots of fun. She is just like her mother, so crafty.

  3. Happy birthday to little M! She looks gorgeous in her party outfit. Every girl needs a skirt for twirling, don't you think? Bee xx

  4. Happy birthday Little M. We have a Little M too, and she is five also.

  5. Ah what a sweetheart! Happy birthday little one - love the outfit, what a lovely party idea too. Sam xx

  6. Happy Birthday Little M! Although at 5 and at school, really you are not little but actually quite big. Your party looks like lots of fun, I love your treasure box, you have decorated it so beautifully, you must have worked really hard on that. Isn't your Mummy very clever to have made you such a pretty cardigan :)

  7. Happy belated birthday to your little one. It seems like she had a great day, making some wonderful memories.

  8. What a fun idea for a party! I celebrated my birthday this week too and that looks like a good way to party!

  9. Happy Birthday to your little one! I love these kind of parties. My little boys not so much but we compromise and do bit of party games and a bit of creative messing about, usually cookie decorating or similar. A proper swirly skirt is something every girl needs!

  10. Little M looks as if she had a fantastic time. What a great idea she had. How well matched was your birthday cardigan which looks lovely by the way...

  11. Little M is just a delight, so sweet. I love that she wanted to cut and stick, how cute. I am so glad she had a wonderful day.

  12. Ah, that's lovely! Happy birthday to Miss M, she's a real cutie. My daughter also requested craft parties, much to my total delight. This year she wants to go bowling. I think it's going to cost me more! :-) x

  13. Happy Birthday Miss M!!! The skirt is such a beautiful match to the cardigan isn't it. A crafternoon party sounds like a great idea to me. xx