Sunday, 24 August 2014

One for the boys?

Here is one for the boys. We have been invited to a wedding with a dress code called 'a touch of country tweed'. Bloke has been asked to read a poem for his very good friend and also has to wear a tweed style waistcoat of his choosing. This is where I stepped in.

I have recently joined the blogging team at White Tree Fabrics so I ordered a pattern and some sumptuous satin lining. The main fabric I already had, it is some welsh wool from years and years ago, the 1980's I think, which someone gave me. Ta dah!


The colours in the wool are perfect for matching any colour trousers or shirt - grey, navy, brown, white.

The quality of the lining from White Tree really made the back though. I looks so luxurious.

The pattern construction was not for the beginner. It did have little pockets on the front with welts but the fabric was too thick to get the welts to sit flat (and I was a bit rubbish at it if the truth be told!!) so I binned that side and cut out another one. He was happy with a smooth fitting flat front. "What would I have put in a tiny pocket like that anyway?" he quizzed. 

I popped in a little label from me to him.

This is the pattern from White Tree Fabrics. You can be a real master and try the one with the collar - it has 13 pieces in it, or just make a plain one like I did. 

So I know you will be wondering what does it actually look like.

We went to the wedding in our homemade outfits and lapped up the compliments.

Thanks for looking at my project, I love it when you visit.
Thanks to all at White Tree Fabrics.

Jo xxxx


  1. Well aren't you both so adorable and you did a fantastic job on both your dress and that wonderful vest.

  2. Two well-made outfits and you just know that nobody else at the wedding will have be wearing the same.

  3. You look wonderful in your handmade outfits, very bespoke! That vest could have come from a very high end tailor - you did a great job!

  4. Oh my gosh, you both look fantastic! Both outfits are brilliant- I love your dress so much, and the waistcoat is just perfect. You did such a great job of both!

  5. You both look smashing.
    I don't know why that tiny pocket is there either.

  6. Well done, again, Jo! You two look terrific in you lovely finery :-) xx

  7. What a great pic, and fabulous outfits, you are one talented lady :)

  8. Very dapper! You both look really smart.

  9. Well done, & you both look suitably dashing in your outfits. Following your link now - always love discovering a new source of fabric :-)
    Happy BH - it's perfect weather for staying indoors & creating! Xx

  10. Absolutely gorgeous Jo - it has turned out brilliantly. I love the check on the wool. And
    big *wave * to Andy for some fab modelling :-D xx

  11. Oh well done!! That is brilliant and looks so good on him. The country gent!!

  12. You both look lovely Jo! The waistcoat is great and really suits your husband. I cannot imagine 13 pieces just for the collar! Pretty mind blowing, no wonder you skipped that. xx

  13. You both look wonderful, waistcoat is fab and looks so complicated to make.
    Clare x

  14. What a great picture, you both look wonderful.

  15. Hi Jo! What a lovely photo of you both! Smashing outfits! You made those?! Fantastic, well done!!!! :)
    Ingrid xx

  16. Oh, good job! You are talented on a sewing machine, you really are. You both look fantastic.

    Here ends my mammoth catch up, Jo! It's been lovely seeing what you've been up to this summer. Take care. xx

  17. Ooh my goodness. I've just started to learn to use a sewing machine again after 35+ years and to one day be able to make something like this would be fantastic. Jo you are one very talented lady and I hope your other half was suitably impressed.


  18. I thought I'd pop in cos I've been really crap lately and this has blown me away! Jo it's flipping amazing!! The label is an adorable touch, I just can't get enough of your tailoring. Your dress is awesome too, I bet you had a brilliant day in it :D