Thursday, 28 August 2014

Many hands make light work

I feel I am being rewarded for all of those slightly stressful, messy and sometimes time sucking cooking sessions I did with the girls when they were very little because today they were super helpful and really independent to the point where they were doubling up our food preparation time.

Look at that action. Big Sis made wholemeal cheese scones...

Little M slowly turned this into crumble, they worked at separate tables at the same time...

Then they pitted plums for the crumble while I got on with making soup (yep, courgette soup, how did you guess!?!)

Next, Little M made cream cheese icing and then passed it to Big Sis for the courgette cake which she jammed and iced all on her own.

Lastly, Little M made water icing for her completely unaided icing and decorating session.

I just kept providing the next bowl of things with a simple instruction - mix, stir, spread, cut, tickly fingers or even 'just have a go yourself' and off they went. There was a sort of British Bake Off running commentary as we worked, where I had to pretend I was Mary Berry but heyho it got the job done.

Lunch anyone? Courgette and pesto soup, cheese scones followed by plum and apple crumble. Oy don't be greedy, the cakes are for tomorrow.

The ingredients and inspiration behind our food today was from the allotment...

We just scoffed the raspberries!

Thanks for stopping by. Are you tuning into the Bake Off? My girls are rooting for Martha.

Jo x


  1. This is great! I love to see what others are cooking and eating, and even better when it's all from the allotment. I am loving the bake off, although I am a week behind and need to catch up. I know what you mean about when the kids actually become useful in the kitchen - I love being able to give mine instructions and know that they will actually carry them out!

  2. How lovely to have little ladies in the kitchen for help. Everything looks so yummy, I'll be over in a minute to help eat it all.

  3. Brilliant sharing some very special family moments. Lovely that all the food is coming off the allotment. I have frozen a lot of stuff but all we have left now is tomatoes, tomatoes and more tomatoes. Have a great weekend.

  4. Why watch the Bake off when you offer such a yummy selection of foods. We don't get to see the Bake off until it gets carried by pidgeon to Australia:)

  5. Your girls did really well!!! You have obviously been a great teacher Jo! xx

  6. I do miss baking in the kitchen now mine are all grown and flown and number 3 is more interested in his iPad and xbox than baking with mum. I still spend the odd occasion when the mood takes me baking something. Your girls looked as if they had a great time and I bet it all tasted fantastic.


  7. Wow respect to all of you for all that hard work! I'm afraid I still have to psych myself up for baking with the children!

  8. Busy busy busy! Looks like your girls really enjoy being in the kitchen and are helpful too which is great. I love baking with my girl too.
    Marianne x

  9. Yes my 8 year old is supporting Martha too, fab ideas for courgettes maybe a last day baking another corgette cake here before school starts Lucy x