Wednesday, 13 August 2014

More grey and more veg

We are picking more vegetables and the pace is picking up so some preserving is now required.I seem to have missed these few courgettes; they grow so fast especially if it has been raining.

Time to make my favourite courgette cake
You can get the recipe here.

On WIP(work in Progress) Wednesday I am working on a top down grey cardigan from an easy pattern on Ravelry called Sunkist cardi by Kirsten Kapur. It will go with lots of my winter clothes.

My miette cardigan is still not happening for me. I don't know why it conspires to obstruct me but I can't get the stitch counts right therefore the hole patterns will be in the wrong place. My mum has finished hers and it looks fabulous - teeny bit jealous mum!

I am also creating WIP's. I had a cutting out day yesterday, choosing patterns from my Ottobre magazines and carefully considering what goes with what. I cut out a floral shell top, grey jersey top, leggings for the girls in the small left over pieces and my first ever pair of cords with pockets and belt loops and everything. 

I like to have a sewing project I can pick up and get on with depending on the time or my mood. I like to label and put all the notions in the bag too to ensure I can just pick it up and sew.

Lots going in here. What are you up to?
Jo xxxxx


  1. The cardigan looks beautiful. I love the organised way you approach your sewing; of course putting all the notions in a bag with the cut out garments makes sense! I usually make the thing, run out of thread and have to pause until I buy more, finish the thing, think 'where did I put the buttons/zip?', pause to run out and get more,, find the originals in the place I first looked (I think we have not-so-friendly House Elves) have to choose between the original end the ever so slightly different replacements, choose a mix, probably, and finish half the notioning before putting the sewing down and losing all recollection of it since it disappears from view (House Elves again)
    I should try being sensible. I shall, next time.

  2. Wow, and all this before ten in the morning! I need to get back into some sort of routine now that the children are back at school. No new projects for me this late summer, I have a dissertation to finish unfortunately. Just clicking through to the cardigan pattern, it looks like a pattern I would enjoy (no seams!). Happy sewing. Cx

    1. It is early birds here with little ones, I am on my second breakfast by 10 am! Dissertations are weary things, keep going Christina you will be richly rewarded. Jo x

  3. I am so impressed with your organisational skills all in packets and labelled, I have little piles left all over the craft room. The only bonus is I can shut the door on it all. The cardigan is looking delightful.

  4. Impressed! I thought I was organised. I do like having things cut out ready to sew though.

  5. Don't particularly like courgettes, but LOVE courgette cake (go figure!) - yours looks just yummy. Keep going with the cardi, you'll get there eventually - and that's a good idea popping a whole projects into its own bag.. mind usually just get piled up and moved around, losing notions in the process.

  6. You can do the Miette, I think you are making it harder than it is. If I can make one so can you, by the way your projects are beautiful. Good luck,

  7. Your projects look lovely and I really like your approach to being organised. Courgette cake is a firm family favourite here too.

  8. I really like how you label your projects so you can just pick them up! And um the cake!!!!! Really!!! That looks insane...gonna have fun making and eating that one! Thanks for sharing friend! Lovely day to you!

  9. You are definitely set for courgettes aren't you! How organised to do the cutting out and preparing for your sewing projects all ready to go when you are ready to sew!! I am very impressed. xx