Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Drapes and Flounces

More shades of grey to share with you today. I have been helping out looking after a few of my friends children a couple of times this holiday and it has thrown up a surprising amount of sewing time - the girls are all busy entertaining each other and I am surplus to requirements except when snacks and drinks are called for.

I started to make a top called 'drapes and flounces' however, I didn't think the sleeves were that practical so I made them straight without the flounces. I loved the finish on the back of the neck with some under stitching on the facing.

I loved the soft finish of the set in sleeves.

But wait, I did not like the drape collar part. Something has gone wrong here.

I took the children to a new play barn to try and remedy the situation. Unpicking while I was out drinking cappuccino seemed a whole lot better than trying at home.

I returned and tried again with new collar pieces that were a bit bigger to give the drape implied in the title, but to no avail. I cut my third lot of collars and made this instead.

Which, when my own ample bosoms are present, sits really well. My dress form, Clara, is a bit flat chested so it looks a little slack here.

My new boots arrived yesterday, more on the skirt another time but I would say that is an outfit. Wouldn't you? If I wore mustard tights would I look like a chicken? and Do you think I need to topstitch around the collar? All advice welcome.

So in summary, no drapes and no flounces!

Jo xxxxxx


  1. I vote "yes" to mustard tights. They will give the finishing touch and what's wrong with chickens? (Only joking.)
    I also vote "yes" to top stitching. I know that is more work, but I think it will be worth it. Obviously, you get the final vote!

  2. Well I think the top is a real success and I think the topstitching around the collar would just finish it off nicely. It's been great reading what you've been up to over the hols, just been struggling for time to comment. xx

  3. I love the new neckline, I'm a bit of a sucker for a v-neck and cross over v-necks. I admire people who are creative with sewing. I am not. I am not good at it, and I find it rather stressful so I am happy to admire those who can.

  4. I love the too, and the boots. Personally I wouldn't wear mustard tights myself, but hey, if you like them, go for it!
    I'm not a sewing guru (far from it) but I wonder if top stitching in the collar would stabilize it in case it starts rolling round in itself when you wash it ?
    I reserve the right to be totally wrong though lol

  5. That rocks lady! And that outfit is spot on!!! Love the boots! Happy day to you Jo! Nicole xoxo

  6. Your version of the pattern is better than the original to me, and I think topstitching is unnecessary. As for the yellow tights I am certain they will not cause you to look like a chicken, but warn you that they will contribute to your stylish outfit so that others may be provoked to envy :) xx

  7. I love you version of the pattern, very stylish. I don't think its necessary to alter or add anything its perfect as it is. Love the boots.

  8. Hi Jo,

    This top is really lovely well done you.

  9. Yes to the mustard tights but only if you wear your boots with them.
    Great looking set in sleeve. I must move onto jersey soon! So much I want to sew now.

  10. I much prefer it without the flounces on the sleeves. It is a shame that the drapes didn't work out, but..... I think that I prefer what you did in any case!!! It adds a touch more detail to the neckline, so I think that it is better overall! xx

  11. It's beautiful, Jo. I love the neckline, I'm sure it would be flattering on anyone. I think it came our really well.

  12. It looks great, much better without the flouces, love the new boots too and yay go for it with the mustard tights
    Clare x

  13. Love the boots!!
    and no to top stitching! less is more with topstitching especially on knits,....I admire your patience,
    Daisy j x

  14. My Sewing Teacher told us to put one of our old Bras on our dress form and fill the cups to more accurately follow our own natural shape.

    1. Genuis, off to rummage in my underwear drawer!

  15. Yes! Your second collar is brilliant, it works so much better. I'm really in awe of your set in sleeve. When I made a dress I ended up with wrinkles but it looked like it was intention so I think I got away with them haha!

  16. It is a great outfit, the second collar is perfect and so are those boots, I want a pair.