Sunday, 18 August 2013

Hooray! Car Cushion

Big Sis loves to sleep in the car but since she has gone into the big seat, she finds it really hurts her neck as there are not sides to lean her head on. I can be quite traumatic (for all of us) when she wakes up really crotchety with a sore neck from a car induced deep sleep. So..... I went on my pinterest board for children and found one of these. (Use the pinterest button on the right to find a link)
I had loads of this spotty material given to me from one of my crochet students. I have used it to make an apron, line the PE bags and for this quick-fix-need item.

I can't tell you how I made it because it is just a sort of sausage with some Velcro on to hold it to the seat belt but boy does it work. We went out for the day yesterday and after the girls had camped out in the garden with their dad the night before, I knew there would be some tired children on the way home.

We went to the Butterfly farm at Stratford-Upon-Avon and had a lovely time, then we visited Coughton Court for a picnic, run around the garden and a look at the garden sculptures. What a packed day!


I love that Little M did all she could to get a butterfly to land on her; she wore yellow, put a flower in her hair and stood very, very still. She was rewarded lots of times and really loved the experience.
Are you having a lovely weekend? Jo xx



  1. That cushion looks very comfortable for Big Sis. I know that the booster seats are less comfy for them; my son rides in one but my daughter's still in the toddler seat. She'll go in a booster in about a year.

  2. Fantastic idea. I want one but I'm always the driver so it's probably best that I don't ;)

  3. Lovely make that is both pretty and useful! Chrissie x