Thursday, 22 August 2013

Fantastic Fascinators

You are gonna love this...Bloke had a wardrobe clear out and gave me lots of stuff to recycle. I made T-shirt yarn in various colours and the denim bags from his old jeans. So what do you think this is?

He gave me a few silk ties that he said didn't go with his shirts anymore. So I got sewing and curling and creating and made this fascinator. I don't know who for or when for but it was a really enjoyable little project so I made another.

I had some inspiration from my little book '50 fashion looks that changed the 1950's' which was a Christmas present from my best mate. I had seen a lady making something similar at a craft group and thought that looks good but I never thought I would remember to do it. They do look a bit strange modelled without hair but they look great on. I am just a bit short of a photographer today! (ahem)
Do you like them? Jo x


  1. I love these, they look so fab and I never would have guessed that 'man clothes' had been used in the making of them. Very clever idea Missus!

    S x

    1. Thanks. There was nothing to throw away after his clear out! Jo x

  2. Never mind "like", LOVE! They're fabulous - well done you :-)

  3. Who would have thought men's ties could be turned into such delightful items . You certainly are very creative - well done!

  4. That's taking up-cycling to heady heights..... Sorry, couldn't resist.
    S xx

  5. How very la-la! I love these, you must find an occasion to wear them! (First day of school run, perhaps? ;-) ) Chrissie x

  6. Jo these are gorgeous, honestly when I first saw the photographs thought you were going to a wedding and couldn't decide which one to wear. You are such a clever bunny Jo and so talented, well done
    Lots of love

  7. FANTASTIC Fascinators Jo! What will you come up with next, you creative little poppet you!!! I love them and think that High Tea in some posh place would be an ideal situation in which to show them off! Go Jo!!!
    Joy xo

  8. I wish everyone would reuse things like you just did! And WOW are those just fantastically beautiful! Amazing!!!

  9. I love recycling and these are very clever. Well done,

  10. Wow what will you recycle next they are fab x

  11. What a great idea. I would never have guessed that you had made them from ties.