Thursday 4 July 2013

Denim bag tutorial

I have seen lots of these bags on Pintrest but lots don't come with a tutorial. So I made a bag and photographed it along the way. It is not very staged I'm afraid, just on the table as it was but you can get the idea.

First find a kind soul in your circle of family or friends to give up a pair of jeans. Next cut the legs off. It is hard going around the crotch (that word will be used lots!) because of the thick seams. Be careful not to cut into the back patch pockets if you have jeans with low slung pockets and also mind the lining of the front pockets too.

Next make the base of the bag by cutting open one of the legs and avoid any tears or marks on the denim.

Now cut a rectangle 2inches wider than your bag front and about 8 inches deep. Now, I couldn't be bothered to do the maths for a curved base so pin the base in four corners (front crotch, side seams and back crotch)

Now pin between these markers easing as you go to cover the base.

You should have some spare flappy corners. You can cut these off rounding the corners.

Like this. You may have noticed at this point that we have not sewn a single thing and we nearly have a bag shape already.

Next make some straps out of the other leg, again by splitting it open and using long lengths avoiding any rips or stains. To make it really strong fold over the denim twice and topstitch along the seam.

Next sew them onto the bag using a strong square cross pattern shown below. A good placing for them is either side of the first set of belt loops and then matching spaces on the back.

Now for the fripperies - Well what ever you want really... Add patches, labels, flowers, crochet motifs or a belt through the loops - Whatever you want. I loved making it so much I made two!

Thanks to man of the house for two pairs of jeans and a checked shirt, they haven't gone to waste. Have you got any black ones please?!!
Would love to see any that you make. Jo xx


  1. What a great looking bag! Thank you for sharing your tutorial.
    M x

  2. I love this, it looks really good! I will try this when I am more experienced with sewing, or make a smaller version for my little girl to practise! Thanks for sharing. :)

  3. Hi Jo, you have done such a lovely job with yours and thanks for the tute. I have seen this on pinterest and have been quite tempted by it, but never gotten around to it. You have inspired me! xoxo

  4. Jo what a fabulous job you have made of this lovely bag, just love it, thinking of Christmas gifts, really original. Thank you so much, fab post as always.
    Lots of love

  5. This is brilliant! I really like it. It seems that denim shorts are having a bit of a comeback and since I wont be wearing any shorts I might as well make a bag. Love the red spotty sash too. x

  6. Jo, you are so innovative and amazing - you keep on with your brilliant ideas and lovely products and maybe you could open up a shop one of these days! Great bag, well done again!
    Joy xo

  7. Cool!! I like the idea of making smaller ones out of kids jeans too!