Wednesday, 27 July 2022

I normally have a varied smorgasbord of images collected over a month for my monthly 'ing' post but July has been a whirl of banking as much work as I can before the school holidays, keeping the garden alive and getting to the end of term. July for us has really been about getting ready for our holiday to Switzerland. It was our cancelled 2020 holiday rescheduled - even this one was touch and go with lots of flight cancellations and changes but we got there in the end.

It was a fun packed holiday, the kind we like, so here goes:

Cooling - off on arrival at the campsite at the lakeside.

Staying - at Interlaken in Switzerland

Swimming - in lake Thun from our campsite. I know you will be thinking, was it cold? No, it was just perfect.

Taking - a boat ride across the lake to Thun town.


Visiting - Thun Castle and the old town.

Loving - an open air museum of traditional swiss rural living. Inside the houses, on a ten acre site, were amazing buildings. My daughter connected with her inner Heidi and loved the contents of the different chalets. Each house shared a different rural skill: cobblers, cheesemakers, silk weavers and farmers to name a few.

Reaching - the top of Europe on the Eigerexpress cable car. Nice to cool down and view the Eiger.


Speeding - down a mountain toboggan run.

Finding - an outdoor lido pool with a big curly slide.

Ending - our holiday with a walk from Wengen to Lauterbrunnen. I was not popular with the youths on this choice but the views were amazing.

Our holiday views need to be pretty epic to beat our regular home view and we have taken in some amazing landscapes last week. Hope you enjoyed them too.
Thanks for dropping by. Jo xx


  1. Glad you were finally able to get away on holiday to such a beautiful place. Fantastic scenery and lots of things for you all to enjoy. A perfect family holiday.

  2. It looks amazing, so incredible from every angle. So glad you had a wonderful vacation with your beautiful family.

  3. What a stunning place to holiday. It all looks so pretty and how cool swimming in the lake, my girls would love that too.

  4. Wonderful! I am in Switzerland just now, enjoying the hot weather. Forgot all about … ing this months

  5. Wow, it looks absolutely amazing, what a wonderful holiday. We are just back from North Wales, where I dragged the littlest boy up a mountain or two. He was not keen to start with, but 20 minutes in he loved it. Glad you had such a good holiday. CJ xx

  6. That looks like an amazing trip and the weather looks lovely too. I am glad you finally got there after putting it on hold. Lots of lovely family memories made. x