Sunday, 14 November 2021

 Hello there, welcome to of foraging this month so here goes.

Foraging - in our fields for parasol mushrooms. I left this one because it had opened out too much but I picked a whole basket full.

Walking - to get some exercise. Beano the boundless spaniel helps me to walk quickly and get out of breath.

Cutting - the very last summer flowers from the garden. Now I have planted up some bulbs in all of the outdoor pots.

Going - to a ball - I know! My friend has a charity ball every year (except during covid) where we get the chance to dress up and catch up with friends I only see once a year.


Sewing - A dress for the occasion. None of my evening dresses fitted me. The margins are small on evening wear so a little adjustment in waist size can knock an outfit off the list. This time I went for a wrap dress to eliminate future body changes. This is the glitter lace fabric with a satin back which I used - such wonderful fabric and a versatile pattern.

Fixing - my sewing machine! It was making a funny noise so I lifted the foot plate, cleaned it out and found the very tip of a broken needle in the bobbin case. I re-oiled it and put it all back together. This saved me about £80 I reckon, the minimum charge for a service. Very chuffed with myself today.

Baking - white chocolate and cranberry cookies with Meg.

Eating - Homemade cinnamon rolls. Meg wanted to make these but Jeez they took all day. Mixing, first prove, rolling and filling, second prove, baking, resting...but they were nice. 

Visiting - Hergest Croft Gardens to see the glorious late autumnal Acer trees.

Cheating - by making this Tilly and Buttons Nora top from a cotton waffle knit fabric. For a knitter like me, the lure of a sweater made in 2 hours was a novelty.

Finishing - my latest (real) knitting project. I am thrilled with it. A teenage sweater pattern called Jory in 4ply. It was in The Knitter issue 168. Heidi looks fabulous in it but I knitted the arms longer so she liked the fit.

Thinking - out a few plans for Christmas knitting. In the meantime, to give me some head space, I have this stop gap crochet shawl which I add to every time I need to think. It includes all the ends of sock yarn I have left over so it sort of grows and changes over the year. I have recently added some of the grey from Heidi's jumper to use up an end ball and break up the mad colours.

Pre-washing - fabric for sewing. I don't know what yet, something long sleeved to pair with the autumn leaf design. But hey, you know me, it will probably become lots of things to the very last scrap. 

Searching - for Sloes to make another batch of sloe gin which I gift at Christmas.

Firing - the young 'uns outside for a bit, they have been a bit glued to the TV of late. They really enjoyed themselves on their tree swing and remembered just how much they like playing out together.

Leaving - you with one for the road as always. This was just before everything turned orange in the last week.

Thanks for dropping by. Jo xx


  1. Everything looks so lovely, your energy never ceases to amaze me. Have a great time at the ball!

  2. Lovely colour dress - very glam, it really suits you. The pattern looks so nice, I really like all the variations.

    Would love to have Heidi's jumper, it's really pretty. Love the colours in the crochet blanket too. Would love a cookie, they do look delicious.

  3. A beautiful dress, such an elegant style, you look lovely in it. I really love the shawl as well, I'm a big fan of warm things I can wrap up in. And Heid's jumper is brilliant, you do make such a lovely job of things. Every time I come here I always get the urge to make things. I really only knit the odd scarf at the moment. My youngest has a quilt on his bed now that I made a few years ago and that has reminded me how nice it is to make things too. He had an alpaca blanket on before that I also knitted, but he claims that it makes him sneeze. Well done on sticking with the cinnamon rolls, I can well imagine how long they took. CJ xx

  4. So that is what your foraging mushrooms look like then :) It looks like lots of cooking going on in your kitchen this last week. All looks very yummy.
    Love the new dress and the colour looks great on you Jo.

  5. My goodness, you must knit so quickly to finish a jumper in 4-ply that fast - it would take me months! Not to mention also finishing a beautiful dress and a top... You are a great inspiration, thank you!

  6. I love your evening dress it looks lovely on you, aren't you posh going to a ball! Enjoy it, meeting friends is something we have make the most of especially after the last few years. The waffle fabric looks great that is my kind of sweater make. Love all your beautiful yarn projects too. Have a lovely week. x

  7. As always, I am in awe of all your makes but the dress is especially beautiful. And as I'm just about to have breakfast, those cinnamon rolls look delicious. X

  8. Love your evening gown, it must have been lovely to have a meet up with your friends. Admiring all your knitting as always. Just reading in a previous post about your knitting journal. What a good idea. I’m off to hunt for one. B x