Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Good Vibes

I thought I would post what we have been getting up to. Seeing the outdoors might perk up anyone inside. 

On Saturday we went to the house build and did some outside tidying up. I had to try and think of the long game and not push myself physically as much as I normally would because at present I can't see the Osteopath. We all moved old tiles, breeze blocks and broken bricks into piles which the original builders had not used or thrown down from the scaffolding. There is a reason for putting them in piles - more on that later this year.

On Sunday we went to the cabin. We have a log cabin in the field and in all honesty I have not been in there for about 18 months and we knew it needed airing especially the beds. We changed all the furniture around, emptied the cupboards then swept out all of the spiders. 

We used to focus around a low coffee table in the middle of the room which was great went the girls were little but now we have bigger chairs and a round table in the centre. 

The girls made their beds into dens and unbeknown to me had filled their bags with things they wanted to have in their 'dens'. Their favourite books were displayed for all to see.

We went to the pond to do some pond dipping. We saw baby water boatmen, nymphs and huge lumps of frogspawn. I thought I had lost my 12 year olds interest in pond dipping and then she caught a large adult smooth newt and her childhood enthusiasm returned immediately.

We played cards, stoked up the fire, wrote in our nature diary and read it all the way back to the start laughing at the little pictures with funny spellings from when they were little. It was delightful.

I managed a few rows of little boy knitting. My current project on the go, a boys tank top in gifted/thrifted yarn.

The girls and I had decided to sleep there because they wanted to do some star gazing and knew that it was going to be a clear night. We did not know at that point that we would have restricted movement coming for the following week so it felt good to do something special. 

It was a truly amazing experience. We wrapped ourselves in blankets, lay in the field and saw 32 shooting stars!!!! A memory I will hold forever.

We woke at 6am and the thermometer in the cabin said 3 degrees. Brr! We lit the fire again to get dressed and have breakfast. We were home by 9am ready for home learning but it felt such a great way to start the week. 

I know we are lucky, very lucky to have another place off grid to go to - we were well and truly isolated. I hope the photos cheer a few of you up. I have of course done some crafting this week too along with going to work in school but more on the crafting next week.

Stay Safe. Love Jo xxx


  1. You and your family stay safe too xxxx

  2. Lovely photos, your cabin sounds wonderful.

  3. Oh wow! That looks amazing! What lovely memories you are making at your cabin. I am really envious about the star gazing. Take care and stay well xxx

  4. 32 shooting stars!! Amazing and such a wonderful experience. I stayed out to stargaze at peek Perseids a couple of years ago and only spotted three or four. Your cabin looks like so much fun, a perfect getaway any time of year but even more precious now. I hope it won't be too long before your next visit x

  5. A lovely way to spend time together, you will all have such wonderful memories. Take care. x

  6. Stay safe my friend. Take care of those beautiful girls and yourself.