Monday, 11 February 2019

Making - A cosy cowl for my friend's 40th Birthday made from Colinette Iona yarn which is 70% wool, 15% kid mohair and 15% silk - so so soft. 

Learning - How to work short rows using a wrap and turn technique for this pattern from purl soho which is free here

Baking - A delicious but strange crumble using the last of our allotment frozen fruit.

Watching - Snowdrops pop up.

Building - Our new kitchen floor; cleaning those tiles from out of the hedge in the field was definitely worth it.

Buying - Kitchen wall tiles : cream metro ones.

Thinking - Our dog is cute but needs training.

Enjoying - A little sprinkling of snow which was pretty but not the sort that ruins your day, more the kind that enhances it.

Loving - My new clogs which Bloke bought me for my Birthday in January. They are from Lotta.

Wondering - Whether to try a toile of a swimsuit pattern so I can be sure to cut the right size.

Getting - In a mess but having a great time sewing. You can't make an omelette without breaking eggs. I am so lucky to have a spare room to leave this all spread out in.

Watching - Someone try really hard with spelling. Little M labelled my freezer cook up boxes for me on Saturday.

Disliking - Politics at the moment.

Wearing - My new Linden Sweatshirt for this months Minerva blogger network.

 Deciding - Which wool to use and which wool to leave out of my spice for life blanket. 

Feeling - Happy :) but chilly.

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Jo xxxx


  1. Loving seeing you on here and feeling still connected xx missing seeing you in the flesh. Hoping we can catch up soon. Sending love to you all xxx

  2. That spelling is inspired! That should be he way to spell both feasant and bolognez: might have to copy that. Lovely colours, and a lovely blog.

  3. Lucky coincidence, I published my own .... ing post yesterday. Loving yours! Short rows are quite fun, I learned to do wraps and turns when I made a Loch Ness Monster for Sam a long while ago. Your kitchen floor is absolutely amazing, I imagine the texture under bare feet, lovely. Not sure if I'd want to do all the grouting though.... Feasant Bolognez sounds interesting. I never had pheasant, wonder what it tastes like. Have a lovely week. xx

  4. Love your post today Jo. Love the new shoes, the bits of snow, your beautiful dog and that wonderful kitchen tile.

  5. Just love those kitchen floor tiles. The spelling was lovely spelling it how she says it, wonderful.

  6. Those tiles! Well done for all your hard work (and your families) cleaning them all for what is going to be the most handsome kitchen floor!
    Loving the look of your new Linden with your grey knitwear too x

  7. Looks like a great month and it is only half-way over. I love the kitchen tile, I hope you'll show us the room when it is done. And I love the looks of your sewing room, now I know where the magic happens. Happy Valentine's Day.

  8. Oh,missed this post.Loving all the pics.Yes your doggy is cute,a Springer ? Wow those floor tiles are just amazing,what a find.Loving the snow and snowdrops too.You look cosy.I like the sound of the Cowl pattern.x

  9. So much love for your clogs! I have had my eye on a pair of these for a long time, they are an absolute classic. Love your -ing posts Jo.