Saturday, 5 January 2019

A Square at a Time

I have been dipping in and out of a quilting project which is a slow burner. At my most confused times, I like to distract myself and
make a block. When all other sewing is just too damn difficult, sewing 5cm squares together is where it's at for me.

Sometimes if everything is really overwhelming I like to just cut out lots and lots of squares and put them in the cake tin. It is soooo satisfying to use up every last scrap of fabric from the pieces I have saved. Sometimes I amuse myself with a fussy cut square getting an image in the centre, like this little birdie.

Each block has 64 squares. I was wasting a lot of thread sewing them individually therefore I started to chain rows together and then join two rows at a time horizontally. They came together much faster.

This quilt is for my goddaughter, she is 12 at the moment but she will be 18 when it is finished. No tight deadlines on this project,a year maybe to make the topper.

Christina from colourful life sent me a little pile of colourful scraps which I have enjoyed cutting, recognising some of the fabrics from her amazing family quilts. 

In faster sewing news, I made a draw string bag to accommodate our family game of Tumble, you may know it as Jenga. While putting away new games we noticed the box had split again and they were all loose in the bottom of Heidi's wardrobe.

Thanks for dropping in. Jo xxx


  1. I would never have the patience for quilting so I admire you for that. I know what you mean about needing something to do that doesn't tax the brain too much, though. To me ,its doing rows of stocking stitch without needing to look at the pattern for a while.

  2. That is so beautiful Jo, I want to make a postage stamp quilt, too. I wasn't sure what size your pieces would be but now that I do, I'll make sure to send you big enough scraps :-)

    I have just sorted through my fabrics, not strictly speaking necessary but fun. I found some leftover strips from my crazy rails quilt and have started sewing them together. Not sure what they'll be but the process if fun. I am trying to figure out what to do with the tiniest of scraps.... Have a lovely Sunday x

  3. Your quilt is beautiful Jo. I just love all the colors and little squares. I love a mindless project, well to be frank most of my life. I am far too busy fro something intricate and complicated. Maybe sometime but for now it is simple that works best for me. Hugs.

  4. That quilt is going to be amazing when finished! The colours are gorgeous.

  5. That quilt is going to be gorgeous Jo!

  6. Your quilt is so beautiful - your Goddaughter is so lucky!! I wish I could sew, quick projects like the jenga bag would be so useful to be able to make myself!