Monday, 14 August 2017

Rabbit Rascals

 Let me introduce you to rabbit rascals. Cute or what?

My friend Maddy made the two gentlemen and the well dressed missus on the right. She made them and gave them to my girls last week when we visited. The girls were delighted and played with them in a shoe box (that is how we roll around here) However... Little M left her two rabbits in a precarious place and the dog ate her lady rabbit!

There was much wailing and gnashing of teeth, from us as well as the dog, so I made her another one.

They are small which meant they only took an evening using up ends. The pattern in on ravelry. They are called Rabbit Rascals by Wendy Phillips.


The A5 book shows the scale. A rather enjoyable knit from a rather traumatic situation. I have already knit a friend one too. 
Thanks for popping in and Thank you Maddy for such beautiful creatures. Jo xx


  1. Theses are adorable! Great that you had the skills, wool and patience to make another little rabbit!

  2. Whew!! So glad you got that sorted. They look delightful.