Friday, 14 April 2017 in April

Making - A Cosmic sweater in soft cotton

Reading - At Knits End. A meditation for people who knit too much

Cooking - Cous cous with lamb and roasted peppers 

Drinking - Fruit tea and laying off so much coffee

Wanting - People to put things back where they belong

Deciding - Which bit of the garden I am happy for the dog to trash

Enjoying - Blossom at the farm

Wondering - Why my stash is not going down even though I have not spent a penny!

Considering - What we need or what we want

Buying - New White school socks for the girls

Loving - Dancing with the Severn Sisters

Disliking - The gap between rich and poor

Watching - How many biscuits I am eating!

Wearing - Summer trousers

Getting - A bad back a lot

Thinking - About Easter

Eating - Poached egg on toast every Monday

Feeling - Happy

If you do - Happy Easter.
Jo xx


  1. Happy Easter to you too Jo. I loved reading your list!

  2. Great list of ings and a glorious colour for the sweater.

  3. I love your list and that photo of you dancing and knowing that you are happy. But is there such a thing as knitting too much?

  4. Do tell more about the Severn Sisters. Is it belly dancing? And that book looks made for me. I must check it out.

  5. Being happy is always enjoyable, glad you are! I am struggling a bit just now but I expect it'll pass, like the cold I keep nurturing. When you successfully trained you puppy to only destroy one part of the garden, I'd love to know how you did it :-) that time of your live when those things that are not destroyed are still a 'little chewed'. The seven sisters look fabulous! Happy Easter weekend xx

  6. I'm glad you're happy, you sound really happy. I like your list, full of spring. Happy Easter to you too. xx

  7. Happy Easter! I am so glad you're happy, my friend. It makes me happy to know.

  8. Poached egg on toast every Monday sounds like a most excellent plan. Happy Belated Easter.