Friday, 23 December 2016

Do You Get Socks?

Hellooo and Happy Christmas! My December Minerva make this month is very topical don't you think; a pair of socks. I still don't really 'get' socks. I don't know why, this is my third pair. 
There are still improvements to be made.

The yarn is so fun, King Cole Zig Zag 4ply sock yarn. One 100g ball makes one pair which is really economical at £5.49 especially if you are starting out on your sock making journey. I used a blog post pattern from Susan Anderson. There is nothing wrong with the pattern I just have a short attention span when following patterns!

My first pair were too short in the foot; my keenness to finish them made them a bit small. My second pair had really dodgy heel turns but I realised where I had gone wrong and finally this pair are wide in the foot because I forgot to do the decreases for the foot after I had completed the heel.

I am really pleased with the heel on these though. A big improvement on my understanding of how it is formed.

They are really comfortable when wearing my boots. I wore them all day and they did not slip down inside my boots or make my feet sore. The yarn has a smooth, warm feeling on the soles of my feet.

This yarn comes in a whopping 45 colour ways so plenty of scope to try another pair and really nail that pattern. Then, when I can do that, I will move onto something more fancy. Time to relax I think and cosy up to enjoy the festive season.

Thanks for the wool for my Christmas socks Minerva.
Are you a sock knitter? Any tips? Jo xx


  1. Oh my! You have already zipped through making three pairs of socks which is the number of pairs I have made thus starting and stopping a fourth pair trying the magic loop method...several years ago...sigh. First I tried making tube socks with cotton yarn. They were like walking in red cotton puddles...slouch socks only more so. I still want to make more socks, though, because my best effort pair are lovely to walk in and I would like to make more as gifts. Happy Christmas, Jo!

    1. Third pair ever in two years! I thought they would be a whizz but I need more practise. Thanks. Jo x

    2. Hi Gracie (sorry Jo, comment for you below), I have a fail safe sock pattern on my blog :-) it is from my gran and works a treat. No magic loop but DPN/s xx

  2. Hand knitted socks are amazing! Looks like you're coming through to the dark side. Mine are all top down down now. A few more pairs and you will be here. Any tips? Make more. :-)
    Happy Christmas. CN x

  3. I might knit myself some socks next Christmas yours look so cosy! Have a lovely and peaceful Christmas!

  4. I like your socks, I would say the are specially designed for people with a high instep. I am often too distracted with patterns but socks I can now knit in my sleep, my hands remember how to turn a heel. I am the only sock knitter here so have to make my own. Happy Christmas! xx

  5. I love how your socks are improving each time, your sock making tenacity is to be admired!
    Happy Christmas :-)

  6. I am halfway - just turned the heel and going down the foot - of my first ever sock. I can say that it is terrible knitting, lots of holes and all sorts of errors, but as this is my first ever real knitting project I am ok with that, I want to finish it and see a whole done thing. Then I will make the second one and hope that it is an improvement. I am addicted already, but that could be because I have been desperate to knit socks for years. I think that yours are fabulous! I love the colours, very pretty. Enjoy keeping your feet cosy and happy Christmas!!

  7. I love your socks and good on you for keeping at it.I Love hand knitted socks but have never made any as they really do look complicated.Can you knit them with two needles and not four.Happy knitting.x

  8. Am on my third pair right now! The first pair was a decade ago and it was such a stressful operation I vowed never to make another pair. But I was wooed back into them by the amazing self patterning yarns that are around. I would say most definitely the more you make the easier and better it is and I think I am now addicted...I have already bought 5 new balls to take me over Christmas...I was in a panic I would have time on my hands ( finally!) and no yarn! I am hoping the next few pairs will be good enough to be presents for family abroad...light to pack and kind of unique...I hope! Keep at it Jo!

  9. They are wonderful Jo. I made several pairs a few years ago and then realized I did not like making the second sock and frankly it seemed to take forever to make them. I have little time to knit so I have sworn off socks for all eternity, which means I will be making some by next week.

  10. My first pair were the best. I'm now onto my third pair and my skills seem to be worsening!