Sunday, 20 November 2016

Knitting, but not on my own...

I am going out of my mind not being able to knit every night. Knitting is what keeps all of my mind in place. My mind is not full of knotted up balls of wool like some crazy creative spirit. Knitting gives me time to wind all my thoughts into neat little balls...

So it is with some trepidation and an air of deciet that I share my latest knitting project with you because I did not knit it all. I started it on the 8th of October...

In the end I had to sub contract the sleeves out to my mum who whipped up two in six days while I limped on in the same amount of time on the left front. The sleeves were a bit long because the little one was not around for a testing but Little M said it means she can wear the cardigan for longer - how sensible!

The yarn is WI aran from Hobbycraft. This wool washes so well week in week out and is so soft, I have used it before. The pattern is from Sirdar. It really was her turn for a school cardy and she knew it so another red cardigan was not to be avoided. I washed and blocked it but it is still a bit curly on the front button band.

I have physio exercises to do for my frozen shoulder but it is a slow process. Anyway it just goes to show what you can do if you share. Thanks Mum.

Jo xxx

Ps. Overseas followers, this is a version of a primary school uniform which children under 11 wear to school. Very often they are asked to wear a combination of grey trousers/skirt with a white T-shirt/cotton shirt and a jumper of their school colour. Colours vary but that is what happens in the UK just in case you wondered why my girl was dressed as a boy in a scalloped edged cardigan!


  1. Doesn't matter how as long as does. Looks great Little M looks thrilled with it she is a sweetheart.

  2. A beautiful model and a great joint project (that's what Mums are for, helping out when it is needed.

  3. I'm really sorry you're not able to knit. How annoying that must be, especially as it's something you love so much. I hope the physio exercises help your shoulder. x

  4. It is a gift of love from her Mum and Grand-mum, I think hat make sit perfect.

  5. Sorry about your shoulder. I had frozen shoulder a few years ago, so I know your pain and frustration. It will eventually heal . Little one looks lovely in her red cardi. Nana to the rescue.

  6. Team work, and what a sensible young lady. xx

  7. Take help where you can get it, I think. :) It came out beautifully, good work both of you. I hope your shoulder is better soon.

  8. Hope you're feeling better, Jo. What a sweet model you have there.

  9. A pretty team effort, Jo! I'm hoping your shoulder will soon heal. xx