Wednesday, 22 October 2014


I have an urge to make my own jeans. I have seen some around in blogland. I really think that as I get the fit much better in my handmade clothes, I should give it a go. I have pre-washed my denim but am still a teeny bit frightened to cut it yet. I have never made a muslin (toile) of any garment but I reckon this is the one to buck the trend.

Hence I have been really getting to know my own bottom!

I used an Ottobre 'outdoor trousers' pattern to practise and learn some techniques and get a feel for my size. It turns out I have hips which tip into the next size up to my waist size...just like my mum!

These sit just below the waist. I practised my top stitching on the pockets and learnt how to do belt loops.

I had to use the maximum width for the widest part of my thighs so I need to be aware of that when I cut out my denim. 

This is not the pocket pattern I want on my jeans but it was good to practise machine control.

Flat felled seams went OK, a bit of puckering on the under crotch due to not clipping the curve close enough to the seam but if anyone is looking that closely there, I need to step away from them!

The fly shield and fly facing was tricky as Ottobre magazines assume you are some kind of knowledgable sewer so there are not any pictures but I got there in the end. My zip is too close to the edge of my fly sheild on the right of the picture meaning it peels open a touch when I am wearing them.

So I have learnt a great deal but still feeling uneasy. Maybe I will make it my New Years Resolution. For now though, I have a new pair of cabin/outdoor trousers which were good in the wind!

What are you finding out about at the moment?
Jo xxx


  1. That I am no longer a size 10. Trousers are lovely so the jeans should work a treat.

  2. Had trouble posting a comment, but I will try again. I love the fact that you have made pants that really fit!!! I dread buying pants cos they never do, but your's look great! Congratulations! All your stitching was so professional, good luck with the denim, I'm sure they will look and fit super.

  3. Wow! Seriously impressed!
    Don't put the denim off for too long or you might loose your bottle!

  4. There is a lot of difficult technical bits in those trousers and you have done a great job! I find sewing one thing, but getting the garment to fit a whole other ball game - and really hard. Then of course it fits ok at first but then stretches as it's worn grrr, frustrating. Anyway go for it with the denim, I think you will produce a really well fitting pair of jeans that are perfect for you and your lovely bottom! Sam xxx

  5. Re the above comment. I am actually a really good sewer (if I say so myself), as in a very nice finisher and I like it all to look nice, but I really can't be bothered with fit. If it doesn't do straight out of the packet well, that's it really. I don't do sewing to do maths which I hate and can't do. Messing about with rulers, tape measures and any other measuring implement is not fun and I can't do it. I mean, how do you take body measurements? Hold the tape too tight then it's too small, too loosely and it's too big. what's to say how the right way is. I get different measurements each time. Even if it is tight you can still squeeze fingers under. I don't know. I don't trust numbers. They lie every time.

  6. Wow, impressive you have done a really good job. I have every confidence you will be fine with the denim just go for it.

  7. Jo! I am so impressed with your pants. They look really good on you. I think you're going to do great with the denim, I'm so excited to see them!

  8. I never dreamt of making my own denims! How cool. Let me know where you find the perfect denim stitching thread, the stuff I find is either too yellow or too thin.... I am finding out that having a puppy is like having a nappy free mobile baby. x

  9. Seriously impressed that you made jeans styles trousers for yourself! Respect!

  10. Jo! This was seriously - Pants!!!! ;D (haha, sorry!)
    Love your trousers, they are fantastic! You are a brilliant seamstress!
    I can imagine sewing through denim must be pretty tough.... you could either make jeans next, or on the other hand create more wonderful trousers, trying different fabrics...the choice is yours!
    In any case, you will get something for yourself to wear that you can be happy with - and that fits!
    (I admire your sewing skills!!)
    Ingrid xx

  11. I am finding out that I am in even more sewing awe of you than I was before I read this. I still think a skirt with an elastic waistband is tough, pants!!!!!!!! OMG!
    Hugs and best of luck with the denim, these look fantastic on you.

  12. Your sewing skills are amazing Jo! The trousers look great on you and all those little details are lovely - the sewing on the pocket, the felt...I love it all! Hugs, Elisabeth

  13. That's a great idea to try to make your own jeans. It's so hard to find good fitting jeans at the store. Your practice pair turned out great!

  14. Ha, I love it! Hello Jo's bottom! I actually think that this is a brilliant idea - I always struggle to find jeans that fit nicely (they are hardly ever long enough on the leg for me) - and so can totally see why this makes sense. If anyone can do it Jo, then you can. x

  15. Your jeans look great! Good luck with your denim pair, I think you should go for it :)

    1. Thanks Carolyn, I have the same pattern as your Burda one and you are the one that inspired me to have a go so thanks for dropping by ... SWOON SWOON. Jo x

  16. Blooming heck, jeans!? There's no stopping you is there! I have a lot of respect for the time put into the prototype alone, which is great because now you have another pair of trousers :D x