Saturday, 9 January 2021

Knitting - lots and lots of yarn from the basket. I have not bought wool for so long now but it feels good to use up what I have. A second child version of the sheep hat and the stripy snood are for the present box and the fairisle one is mine; all mine.

The snood used up the last of the tapestry wool I had been hoarding for several years, I cast on 120 sts and just kept knitting until all the colours ran out - so satisfying. Again, I lined it with some jersey to stop it being itchy. 

Baking - Toffee apple loaf cake from a blog called Jane's patisserie. Meg loves this blog and is slowly working her way through all of the loaf cakes.

Loving - our kitchen window sunsets.

Needing - to get the dog to a groomers but not at the moment. Beano's ears were so shaggy. In the end I washed him, put conditioner in his ears and cut the hair from the bottom of his ears myself. Come to think of it, I need a haircut. I have had one trim in 2019 and the ends are like an over brushed Barbie doll.

Starting - to sew together some scrap strips ready for a quilt of some kind. Just the usual - no plan, just sewing until I think it might work out into something.

Watching - as the girls started to catch the bug and sew some together too. We try and do school work in the morning and then head out to the studio for a change of scene in the afternoon.

Loving - this nine patch cushion Meg made for her bed.

Joining - the church cleaning rota. The girls got to work sweeping the pews and I did flowers on the altar. It is such a shame that there will be no service on Sunday for people to see them.

Preparing - the bottle of vodka with the gin kit my brother bought me for Christmas. Fingers crossed.

Losing - my way with some crochet last week. I was trying to make a jumper but the gauge was all wrong and I wasn't feeling it so after 12 motifs decided to cut my losses and make it into a little project bag. It now houses my rotary cutters and replacement blades.

Thinking - about getting a tumble drier. I really don't want to run electricity like that but drying washing is becoming so tricky no that I don't live near a launderette like we used to. I used the Christmas bunting as an indoor line the other day because the sun was shining on the bi-fold doors.

Delighting - you with some wintry views from our fields today.

Feeling - lucky to be able to stay safely at home.

Jo xxxx


  1. You are blessed with such beautiful views. I did smile at you hanging washing on the bunting, it reminded me of what it is like to have children in the house. Love all your projects but the sheep hat was a firm favourite.

  2. Love Meg's cushion, it's gorgeous. Beautiful views from your window, and lovely sunsets. Dear Beano, I'm very impressed that he allowed you to clip his ears. Bertie is up like a shot the minute I move towards the scissors. Also a fan of the sheep hat, it's a thing of beauty.

  3. I love the sheep hat, so lovely. I am really impressed that everyone has a go at sewing too, th earlier you start with the skills the better. Cute pouch too. x

  4. Look into dehumidifiers to dry the washing. Less energy used and you can put them where you want.

  5. Toffee apple loaf cake looks scrummy. Bet it tastes great too. The girls seem to be enjoying their sewing as much as you. Have a good week x

  6. What about one of those drying racks on the ceiling above your fire, that you wind up and down to access it? Lovely photos.

  7. Hello, I happened upon your blog via bloglovin. The randomness of your post was a delight. It felt like a great snapshot of your world. The hat you made is wonderful, as are the scarves. Edging them with some binding is such a lovely idea. I share your daughters love of all things Jane's Pattiserie! Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Best wishes, Helen

    1. It is usually quite random here, glad you enjoyed it, come back soon. Jo x

  8. I’d definitely recommend drying by dehumidifier - we use an airer with a cover which covers both the dehumidifier and the washing, and helps speed the drying.
    Love your knitting, especially with the green wool!
    It’s so nice that your daughters are enjoying sewing too - who knows, they could be the designers of the future?
    😊 Barbara x

  9. Delighting in not just your views but the rest of your post, too. Such a lovely, family, creating post. x

  10. 3rd-ing the recommendation of a dehumidifier - I got mine when my old mini tumble dryer stored working. It was a similar price to buy as another mini dryer, & is nicely portable. This winter has been so wet that it's been on a lot, but then a tumble dryer would have been on a lot too!

    I'd also look at where you could put a raised drying rack if possible (there isn't anywhere here).