Monday, 14 September 2020

Just in Time Stevie

 This Stevie dress, which I have made over the weekend in little half hour slots, has arrived in my wardrobe just in time for some late summer sunshine.

I have made this pattern twice before but this time I made a few changes. 

The first one was very good and I have worn it a great deal but I was so excited when the pattern arrived through the letter box that I made it in a hurry. I didn't overlock the seams, I just used pinking shears and sewed it up. In all honesty I thought it would just be a pattern trial. It is sods law that it was one of my favourite dresses which I have worn loads so the seams have all frayed and I have repaired holes which appeared under the arms. The fabric is fading a little too on my first one but it has seen me through three summers. The second one was in some fabric I didn't really like very much in the end so it went to the charity shop.

I would have worn the first one more to work but it was a bit short. This time I made it longer.

I always wished I had bothered to put pockets in my first one therefore I added some this time.

On my first one the sleeve cuffs didn't hold in place very well so I did a small line of stitching on the upper and under arms to keep it turned up. 

I made the back neck tie version on the first one. The linen mix fabric was too heavy when it was tied in a bow at the back which pulled the front neck line across my throat. It also gave me a strange lump at the back of my neck when I wore a cardigan. Sorted. This time I made a hand stitched loop and added a button.

The one thing I did keep the same was the feel of a linen mix fabric. This one is a floral extravaganza which reminds me of some 1970's bark cloth curtains... but in a good way. I can't remember where I got it from unfortunately :( but it makes a great dress. 

Thank you for stopping by. Jo xxx


  1. I enjoyed learning about your modified Stevie pattern dress, and in my humble 😊 opinion it is a great success! Bravo! xx

  2. It looks wonderful and like you I am loving the fabric. I am in awe of your skill with all the modifications.

  3. Very nice Jo, I love the colours of your new dress, and the neat little button detail on the back. Maybe not all is lost with your first Stevie dress, could you use it for a quilt, or a top that requires less fabric? I have done virtually no garment sewing all year, no doubt because I essentially live in my pjs or joggy bottoms... or on dress up Monday a pair of ripped jeans....

  4. oh wow, what a fab dress, love the fabric. Now off to hunt the pattern...

  5. Love the dress, it has a great vintage vibe. Model isn't bad either ;-)

  6. Lovely dress Jo and perfect for the season.

  7. That is a lovely dress and pattern combination, it always happens to me that my favourite makes end up being the ones that bobble in the wash or something similar. I hope you get to enjoy this one for a long time. x