Saturday, 27 June 2020

Shattered, Socks and Showers

What a week! It has been my first time teaching the same class full time since 2009 and I am shattered. I shouldn't be really: there are only 15 in my group and the curriculum is more basic than normal but with the heat and then returning home to help my girls with their school work, I sure was ready for the weekend. Only three weeks to go.

With this new normal in mind, I cast on a pair of socks two Sundays ago. I know it isn't really the weather for socks but I felt that I could do a bit of simple knitting in the evenings and know what to do. It is the fastest I have ever knit a pair of socks! 

Even after a few years of sock knitting, I still get a tiny ladder at my DPN corners. Luckily, it disappears after the first wash.

I used the January pattern from Christina's blog A colourful life. I love her sock patterns; so easy to follow. The yarn is Drops Fabel in bright greens and oranges. Pattern wise....

I nailed it! If I stood up straight of course.

Carefully, I took out a little section of the second ball to get the match and I am thrilled with it.

Thank you for your lovely comments on my jumpsuit. Time to try and dodge the showers on the building site tomorrow.
Hope you are all well. 
Jo xx


  1. These socks look fab, and you did such a great job matching the colour repeats. Wow! Thanks for being so nice about my sock patterns xx

    1. Also meant to say that even if you are "only" teaching 15 children, this is still hard work! Then going home and help your own children with their schoolwork... I am not surprised you are shattered. Look after yourself xx

  2. They look fabulous. It's definitely sock weather here today. X

  3. Great socks. So I see you will not be resting this weekend if you are off to work on your house. Good luck next week with teaching.

  4. They are gorgeous, I am in awe of your skill with sock knitting. My daughter is a maths teacher and is counting down the days she is exhausted too and ready for a break.

  5. Try a 2 needle sock pattern. You have to mattress stitch the seam but you don't see or feel it underneath. I try to match my socks too. I think the idea is it is supposed to be random.haha. That Drops wool is nice and soft isn't it? Love your colour choice.

  6. I love your green socks! I think that you could click them three times and they will take you to wonderful places. You should really try.

  7. Love the stripey green socks Jo. I tried the courgette cake recipe you recommended, which went down a treat. Wishing you well in the last few weeks at school and a great weekend whatever you do x