Saturday, 4 April 2020


"Same again Barman!" I am drunk happy with this bra pattern: Simplicity 8229. I decided to make another one straight away after my last successful set so that I could remember all of the details.

The patterned tricot fabric has very minimal to no stretch therefore I cut it 2mm wider on all parts of the cup. The cups are also lined.

The satin navy part has a good amount of stretch which is why I chose it for the frame. It is very comfortable to wear with a good fit. When making the knicker pattern this time, I tried a bit of a pattern hack and used the non stretch in the centre but added the stretchier fabric to the sides to give them more ease. They are also a lower rise bikini style this time which wears well too - I knew that little bit of ric rac I was saving would come in handy one day!

The picot elastic is some that I bought in a big bargain bag at Abakhan. There are many colours in copious amounts but this one happened to be the perfect colour match.

Finished with a few bows, it was a sewing success all round. I also made another couple of pairs of plain navy knickers in jersey with the same elastic to join the set.

My next challenge is the Boylston bra pattern which has foam cups. I will definitely need to make a practise toile for this one because  I think that by looking at the photos, the straps will be too far apart for my shoulders.... so much fun stuff to learn.

Thanks for looking at my knickers! Jo xx


  1. That is some seriously impressive sewing, I am in awe. I can't imagine how handy it must be to be able to make stuff like that. Well done you!

  2. These are beautiful, you are so good at underwear making and what a great idea making a few sets of the bottoms to go with the bra. x

  3. Really impressive. You have just got better and better with the underwear making !
    Love your colours too.

  4. Before long you'll be opening a bespoke lingerie shop! This set is probably my favourite of all the sets you have shown here, I do love the colours and particularly, the red picot elastic. Have a lovely week xx

  5. I made a set for exam at school too many years ago. I'm very impressed with your results. So many people are unaware of how difficult it can be, all those stages. Very nicely done. By the way I don't think I still have the ability to make my own undies.