Wednesday, 19 February 2020

Wet Play Days

We are well and truly wet but luckily located here in Shropshire. We live on the top of the Ironbridge valley out of the way of flood water but floods are affecting all of the roads out of our small town with many road closures. Others have their wheat crops devasted or their homes ruined. It is a devastating case of affairs. For us, this half term holiday consists of mostly wet play days.

It is one of those weeks where you hunker down and crochet a wacky baby blanket.

I decided to well and truly bust the last bit of acrylic stash I had left in the donated basket. This wool was all given to me in mixed bags over the last few years. By holding two similar coloured strands together and using a 5mm hook it was a very quick make. 

I don't actually love it but I think it is interesting and it will be the right gift for somebody - a carefully chosen someone. I totally get that this is not everyone's cup of tea.

The pattern is called St. Peterburg which is from the book above. The book comes to you highly recommended; all of the blankets are very manageable. 

The version in the book has a lovely soft palette of cotton yarn. Mine isn't! It is one of the first blankets I have ever made that has a very straight edge which did not require a border. 

This blanket has seen me through a weeks worth of evenings with easy repetitive stripes, allowing time for fretful climate change thoughts.

Stay Dry Folks. Jo xxxx


  1. I love the colours! A perfect rainy day activity.

  2. I don't understand why you don't seem to think it is very nice? The colours are lovely and are actually quite muted while being colourful and the stitch pattern is pretty too. I much prefer it to what I call 'knitter's blue' (or beige or grey or sludge green). I wish people would use more colour more often. It's nice to see a blanket a little jolly - I much prefer yours to the dull colours in the book which looks rather flat and un-interesting to me! However, I'm not generally a fan of neutral colours and there are rather too many of them around in crafting generally at the moment in my opinion.

    I live by two rivers, both on the first levels of warnings. There was absolute devastation here in both 2009 ad 2015 and properties and shops were completely drowned out by flood waters. I have become obsessed with weather reports and river depths. So little time between Ciara and Dennis. Keeping fingers crossed and hoping the rain will stop. I am hopeful and feeling fortunate while thinking of others who are dealing with flooding which is just so very awful for people to deal with. A major headache is insurers who don't want to give you insurance or don't want to pay up. Clean up takes months! Wishing people well, and hoping they keep safe.

  3. Only you could crochet a blanket in a week! I love the pattern, and such neat edges as you say. I'm so fed up with the weather, especially over half term, but glad you're staying dry right now. Thinking of all those people affected - it must be just awful to have your home flooded. Xx

  4. A great way of using up left over yarn. The two colours held together was inspired and gives a very different look. Baby blankets are beautiful done in pastel colours but when you think about it not very practical. It will make a brilliant buggy rug and will look wonderful. We'll done.

  5. Glad to read you are safe, my heart goes out to all those affected by the this awful weather. I generally prefer pastels for a baby but seeing that stunning blanket has made me reconsider. The wonderful array of colour is a delight and will brighten the pram of a winter baby.

  6. Glad you are all safe but by the sounds of it the surrounding areas have been hit pretty hard again. Your blanket is lovely vibrant colours and will make a lovely gift to someone I'm sure.


  7. Your little blanket is quite sweet, the colour combination unusual but I like it. I am all for colourful, as you know. So glad you are not flooded, so much rain in such a short time! Keep dry and warm xx

  8. I bet the recipient will love it! That book looks good - thx for flagging it up.

  9. Glad you are not affected by the floods but so sorry for those who are. Well done on the baby blanket, a perfect rainy week project to do.