Friday, 14 February 2020

The Loki Low Down

I have finished my Loki Sweater. I say sweater, the more observant of you will notice it doesn't have sleeves, shall we settle on round-necked tank top and I will tell you all about it...

I was stranded on Sleeve Island with not enough wool to get home. I thought it might happen when I started but I was willing to take the risk. I did try and knit 3/4 length sleeves but it didn't look at ease with a northern wintery pattern on the body.

I tried adding some of the cream wool to the cuff of said sleeve but it was more than a cuff really and I knew it wasn't right. It looked like what it was: a woman who had ran out of wool and knitted too much of the sleeve in the wrong yarn. Cream cuffs don't really have a place in my lifestyle either: cooking, dog walking, teaching children; they wouldn't be cream for long. 

So one night I asked Bloke what he thought. Maybe someone who knew nothing about knitting could come up with an idea that I hadn't even thought of but he said, "Why don't you try and get some  more of that wool?" Oh if only. I bought it in an end of line sale bin at Wonderwool last year. I don't even know what it is! To me it was a a great big skein of wool for £10.

Anyway, I decided to add ribbed sleeve facings and turn it into a tank top. I can wear a thin jumper, a long sleeved T-shirt or in this case a shirt underneath. I love the body shaping, length and width so I can use this pattern shape again if I want to and add the sleeves when I have more generous amounts of yarn.

 I also liked a new technique I learnt which was a three needle bind off on the shoulders. Here you cast off the two ends of live stitches together which makes for a really smooth finish and a seam that won't stretch out. It is like adding stay tape to the shoulders (if you sew you will know what I mean). It would have really come into its own if I had the weight of long sleeves hanging off the dropped shoulders but alas I didn't. Still, a good skill to learn.

Some you win, some you lose. I will never stop taking knitting and crochet risks - where would the fun be then? Jo xxx


  1. well , you did suspect you might not have enough wool but this garment is not a failure in fact its a huge success! Overcome and adapt . I love the cream pattern.Suits you well.

  2. Oh it's lovely, you've made a beautiful job of it, sleeves or no sleeves. The three needle bind off is a thing of beauty as well. Cream cuffs have no place in my life either, everything is carefully designed to disguise mud, ie. brown. Hope you have a good weekend. CJ xx

  3. It's lovely though isn't it? Also a very pleasant change from a long sleeved sweater. I think the colour very pretty too.

  4. Your Loki tank top is just perfect, the pattern is gorgeous. Cream cuffs never a good idea, much too fussy. I now want a Loki jumper... but I don't think there is one in me at the moment. Have a cosy weekend xx

  5. I actually think it looks better as a tank top rather than a sweater - all the focus is on that "northern wintry pattern", which is so beautiful. It looks perfectly balanced too, just as if it was always intended to be that way. Serendipity!

  6. That is a great idea, I have a long tank top that shape so you have still made a wearable garment. I think it would look good with a cream long sleeve t shirt and jeans, I know you said you don't do cream cuffs but you could push them up for messy jobs. x

  7. Love your "sweater". Wish I could knit. I took sewing in school when I was in grade 7 and learned some knitting stitches but my tensions was always a problem. It corresponded to my mood!! Myra, from Winnipeg, Canada

  8. I would call this a win! It's beautiful (you're such a good knitter) and versatile too. Great colour. X

  9. It’s such a stunning design and I think it looks great with short sleeves

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  11. Jo it is fabulous. Who need sleeves anyway? I mean it looks so wonderful and you can wear it with many different tops under it to add interest. You did great my friend.