Tuesday, 15 October 2019


I have been on a bit of a self enforced go slow. Life was getting too hectic.

I have settled into two and half days work leaving the weekends to be with the girls, Sunday to be altogether as a family and the week days to do long over due jobs, but only my own and for people I really like! 

I have been careful though to make part of each day when I am here on my own a time for enjoying being on my own because I know that when everyone gets back from work and school my day will get busy again. I had been trying to do lots in the day but found that on reflection the busiest time was actually between 3:30-7:30 pm so I was feeling well and truly burnt out. Best to save my energy for later and try not to buy time and get ahead because that never exists.

For the last two weeks I have allowed myself, yes that is the frame of mind I am in, to do some scrapbooking. Photos have piled up in packets. I used to be an avid scrapbooker when the children were small and they had a nap in the afternoons but time has moved on of course.

It is funny how quickly a holiday you thought you had only just had was actually over a year ago. The children's faces have changed already from the photos starting at me now, to the ones that will sit at the dinner table tonight. I don't want to lose the stories and the memories and the do-you-remember-whens.

I have lots of paper crafting materials to use up. A few afternoons have consisted of a very precious hour listening to the radio and catching up with memories.

Do you still print out photos in this digital age?

Thanks for dropping in on your busy week. Jo xxx


  1. Lovely to see some scrapbooking. I always print out a selection of photos and although I don't scrapbook them as such any more, I do keep a Project Life book, with some writing about the photos and some decorative cards. I love how everyone enjoys looking back through them from time to time. And as you say, those stories that might otherwise be lost are preserved. CJ xx

  2. Love your scrapbook pages! Yes I still print out photos and do a mixture of scrapbook and Project Life pages in an annual album. I am on a mission (which will take years!) of going back to scrapbook pre digital photos from holidays. It's great to get out an album or two at family reunions!

  3. Yes I do scrapbooks, and in those young-children years where i too am torn between busy-ness and wanting to cherish the memories! You've prompted me to allocate some time though because I think it's so special to do this.

    On another note Jo - I'd like to send you a couple of pieces of fabric that I think you could use as a thank you for all your inspiring blog content - email me your address if you're happy for me to.

    1. How lovely and thank you. What a warming thing to say. My email is joeveryday19 at gmail dot com if you drop me a line I can send my address. x

  4. Good for you Jo! I think taking time to just be and work at your own speed is wonderful and will leave you with loads of energy for the busy times.