Tuesday, 16 July 2019

Ottobre Mens Shirt

Have you ever made a mans shirt? Me neither but this first experience was a really enjoyable sew. It is from Ottobre magazine. They released their first family edition in 2017 but I have yet to make anything from it. 

I made the shirt in the easiest version I could make possible. I thought I should avoid any unnecessary fripperies and concentrate on getting the basics just right. 

I omitted the sleeve cuffs by making it short sleeved; missed off the pocket;left out little side vents and omitted the last buttonhole in case it was too tight around the neck. He wears them open in summer anyway. I guessed the size because I wanted it to be  a surprise and it was spot on luckily.

I asked if there was anything I could change if I made it again and he said, "No, the sleeves are so much better than the ones in the shops because they are always too short for me"

I used burgundy thread for the buttonholes and all top stitching. The fabric has a subtle texture to it because the pattern is woven in, not printed, the burgundy thread picks up the little square motif. There is a blue colourway left on the website which would also make a beautiful ladies shirt too.

Here is our last photo from the dog walk :) These photos speak of Andy in a lot of ways; surrounded by weeds, his handsome battered hat, a hole in his jeans but always happy with his lot.

Thanks for stopping by. Jo xxx


  1. A perfect fit, its great.
    The old saying 'Man at C&A' just popped into my mind ... hope that's not offensive LOL

  2. Such a great make - it looks very high-end! Well done!

  3. What a great make, the perfect fit and such fun to "meet" your man.

  4. This looks great Jo. Andy's shirt is a perfect fit, I like the simplicity of it and I do agree, the sleeve length is perfect. I have never made a man shirt. A shirt for my bloke would be a nightmare to fit, he is unusually broad shoulders.... have a lovely week xx

  5. Beautifully done, and what a triumph that it fits well when you made it as a surprise. x

  6. I love the Ottobre magazine patterns for men and this shirt looks fabulous. I love your husband's pose in the last photo!

  7. How can he not be happy, he is adored by all of you! Well done on the shirt!