Monday, 1 July 2019

Always wanted...

I have wanted a pair of long boot socks for a while. I use my farm boots to walk the dog and often when we go outdoors but short socks keep pooling in the wide ankle area;problem.

This pattern has been on my radar for a while because now that I have mastered basic sock knitting, I can mess around with harder patterns. I decided to give them a go. With these on my mind, I was particularly on the look out for a lush DK yarn at Wonderwool in April. 

This yarn was in a sale bin, however it was still £10 a skein and I needed two. The merino superwash was really soft and I loved the colourway. I treated myself and bolstered my purchase by thinking that people have golf clubs and don't even play golf.

The pattern was easy to follow from a chart and on the whole most cables crossed over in the direction they should, but not all - I can live with that because they are inside my boots after all. 

Socks knit with double knitting yarn appear so much more quickly than sock yarn so I enjoyed that progress could be seen on a grand scale. Just remember you need to be able to get DK socks on with wellies or boots. I can't wear these with some of my other leather boots.

I changed the seed stitch on the sides for stocking stitch so that I could concentrate on the calf shaping and cables.

Inside the cables there is seed stitch and outside the cables there is garter stitch.

The heels have the pattern running down them as well although on one I appear to have a thicker stocking stitch line but I did make them with a break in between so I lost a little continuity.

The pattern book is really good too. 25 designs for accessories. It is the first thing I have made from it but I can see lots of gifts along with stash busting opportunities galore so I will be dipping in and out of here again soon for hats, scarves, gloves and more socks.

Thanks for dropping in. 
From swimsuits to winter socks, whatever next??
Jo xxx


  1. A thicker pair of socks is a good addition to the wardrobe, they do knit up quickly and this pair are really nice.

  2. They look wonderful and perfect for those cool days of winter. Although sadly I would be happy to wear them here now as it is so cold. I am still waiting for Summer. Love the wool you used and the beautiful colourways.

  3. Ahh these look lovely Jo and I suspect really comfortable, I love knitting socks as they are so transportable if you're going somewhere that enables you to take a little knitting along.


  4. They do look lovely Jo, you did well with such a busy pattern. Cx

  5. Gorgeous long socks Jo. Enjoy!

  6. We are back in winter socks here in Glasgow (back from camping).... not fun. I love your DK socks, the yarn is full of lovely colours and the pattern is fun. Enjoy your walks xx

  7. You Rock making Socks, Jo!! xx