Saturday, 15 June 2019

Making Stuff

I am always making stuff. My family makes stuff. It is what we do. Nothing overly exciting but here is a little round up of what we have all been making over the last week or so.

Heidi has made a rather top quality apron from a Sewing Bee apron kit which she had from Father Christmas. It has an adjustable belt, pockets and even a little label. 

Megan made some cream bars from a recipe in Pom Pom magazine. She likes making soap but these had different ingredients.
I tried one after a particularly dusty day at the farm. The shea butter, coconut oil and beeswax made for a pretty waterproof skin coating - I could have swam the channel! But my oh my it made my skin soft by the next day. I could not risk having a shower covered in it because I would have slipped over and broken a hip but relaxing in the bath was lovely. She added lavender or calendula petals to the bars.

I am on my second set of Roman Blinds. In order to make these for the new house I have taken down a pair of curtains at home to recycle the fabric. I love this woven blue check, it was from Laura Ashley 15 years ago but I really want to keep it - it seems timeless. A friend gave me a set of unwanted curtains for my home window as a stop gap so that I could take the blue ones down to recycle the fabric.

After a postage stamp quilt mention the other day a comment below said, "Don't forget to make a date label." I winced because I realised I had not made one for my king size quilt which was finished last year. My stamp quilt is a long way from this stage but I rectified the 2108 one with a little mini cross-stitch.

Nothing fancy, just my name and the date. I was sat next to Heidi who was doing a rather stunning embroidery so it seemed silly not to do it when everything was laid out next to me.

She has learnt stem stitch, back stitch, lazy daisy stitch, chain stitch and star stitch. French knots are on the horizon. I surprised myself that I remembered them enough to show her and that she is really accurate when making them.So lots of making here. A bit of this and that to keep our creative brains ticking over.

Our town has a street music festival this weekend but it is looking a little showery. We will don wellies and coats. Have a good weekend whatever you are up to.
Jo xxx


  1. The apron looks so professional she has done a really good job. I like that you can recycle your favourite fabric for your new home it can be costly buying new. The embroidery that Heidi is working on is amazing you will have to post a finished image of it when it is complete. Enjoy the festival. x

  2. Well done you all! Your efforts encourage me to keep busy :) xx

  3. You have reminded me, I always mean to make labels for my quilts and I never have. I really should get round to it. I have a wonderful peg apron that Christine made, it's a thing of beauty while being practical too. Heidi's looks brilliant, I particularly like the trim along the pocket. The cream bars sound lovely, I like that sort of nourishing, softening thing on my skin, especially when it's natural. Hope you have a good time at the street music festival. All the cricket has been rained off here so we are free to get on each other's nerves all day :)

  4. Love the creative spirit in your house. Here, it is just me and Alistair making things. He is into origami, there are folded creatures all over the house. The Laura Ashely fabric will make lovely blinds. I should make some, too. We have a set of three in the living room, all too short xx

  5. I love that you are all so creative. Each one of you making great projects. The Laura Ashley fabric is indeed timeless and will make great blinds.

  6. Lots of creative goodness happening in your house, so lovely. I had dreams of similar with my kids but with 2 boys they weren't particularly interested. I did teach them to knit and with the help of my husband - to start them off - some French knitting too! The Embroidery is so sweet and intricate, Cathy x