Thursday, 14 June 2018

Making - a scarf with my lovely hand-dyed yarn from the Peak District

Eating - more salad and less bread

Cooking - a delicious family pasty from roasted garlic, feta and potatoes. It was delicious from such humble ingredients.

Deciding - how much work to take on this term to stay stress free and solvent

Wanting - to know why snails, that are known for moisture, choose to cluster on dry wood down at the baking hot beach

Fixing - The digger, the tractor and the dumper truck which all broke in the same week. That's Andy not me!

Building - we are putting down layers of floor insulation. Yawn!

Watching - the sunset at the farm

Considering - making a full on satchel for my big girl ready to start secondary school
Enjoying - making this heart keyring for the 17 year old girl in the coffee shop I frequent to mend her broken heart. She was touched.

Loving - that we have got the garden back on track

Disliking - not being able to say no sometimes

Getting - down my yarn stash with this little boy knit

Buying - a reading hammock, wonderful.

Wearing - Dresses. Hooray!

Wondering - Why I can never get flapjack out of the tin!

Thinking - how much the girls love being outside

Feeling - content

Jo xxxx


  1. Wishing I had a wonderful hammock like that.
    Hoping that all goes well for my blog friend Jo.
    Sending hopes that Andy gets those machines repaired! Sounds like a big job.

  2. Loving the reading hammock and your girls are just lovely xxx hoping all is going well xx always thinking of you.

  3. That's a wonderfully upbeat and optimistic post Jo (well, apart from the broken machinery). Humble ingredients for a wonderful dinner, perfect. The pasties look really delicious!

    Once upon a time I wanted to make a satchel - bought a book with bag patterns, never used. You can have it if you need a pattern, just let me know. xx

  4. All sounds idyllic to me Jo apart from may be not being able to get flapjack out of the tin and Andy's broken equipment:-)


  5. Lovely post, the pasty looks good, I'd have to try it with some vegan cheese and the garden is in full bloom. I love how you have all these projects on the go at once and so much knitting and crochet! Your hands must never stop. x

  6. I too love Carrie's [ Peak District] yarns. Just finished a shawl in Blue John. Your girls have grown so much since I first started reading your blog. I was interested in your post about your Dad and the farm. Lovely area that you live in.

  7. That reading hammock looks wonderful! I’m sure it can also double up as a knitting hammock too.

  8. I made flapjacks last night - got them out of the greased and lined tin - and then they fell to bits! Your post made me feel a whole lot better-at least it's not only me!

  9. Broken flapjack crumbs are great with yoghurt and fruit for breakfast!
    Glad the machinery is back up and running and I agree with everybody here - that hammock looks so inviting - you deserve some reading time after such a busy June!

  10. Photos are great your girls are getting really tall now. Told you the garden would come back, Mother Nature is wonderful. Flapjacks always stick it’s the nature of the beast. Still taste good though doesn’t matter what they look like really. You always have such beautiful big skies up at the cabin. Hope all the machines are back up and running.

  11. If you are feeling content then all is right with the world! Have a wonderful weekend.

  12. What a lovely post, Jo, and what a wonderful way to bring it to a finish. Content! A good thing.

  13. Love this post.That yarn is soooo pretty.Lovely photos.Glad you are feeling content,a lot to be said for that.Hugs xxx

  14. Thank you for in June and and all the year round.

  15. Enjoyed your ings except for the broken machinery...especially enjoyed the curious photo of the I am wondering, too🐌🐌🐌🐌🐌

  16. I always do my flapjacks in one of whose floppy silicone tins. I don't really like them but it's so easy to remove the flapjack. I also use them for things like rocky roads or crispy cakes, anything that you need to whack out in one block then cut into slices. Works like a dream!

    That hammock though...oh my. Want.