Monday, 18 June 2018

Are you Stroking it or Knitting it?

Do you save yarn and stroke it or are you inclined to use it up? I used to save craft materials for some sort of epiphany project but I soon learnt that the best way to showcase the materials I enjoyed buying was to wear them and show them off to everybody, not just the inside of my cupboard.

I bought this skein in Buxton at Easter. It was a treat - a treat to myself for getting through such a dreary wet Easter holiday - but I wanted to knit with it straight away.

I went on Ravelry to find a project worthy of the yarn and 365m of it. In the end, I thought the most sensible thing to do was to do a yarn search for Peak District Yarns in Ravelry and behold one of the dyers patterns came up and I thought that was an ideal way of knowing that one skein would make something wonderful. I ordered the shawl pattern called 'The Torrs'

This was my holiday knitting project, a one weeker. I got it going before I went to ensure it was all going to be OK and then I sat in the sunshine, and once in the rain under a brolly, knitting away. It grew quickly because every other row increases by four stitches so a flexible needle was a must.

I was surprised by the size of it considering it was one skein.

I completed the last five rows at home, it took over an hour to do the Russian cast off on so many stitches. It used the yarn up to the very end which was a joy. I missed the last two knit rows to ensure I had enough for the cast off - glad I did! On completion it looked like a screwed up tea towel but blocking is an essential part of this make where the piece comes alive.
I didn't even know I had two chins, that's selfies for you!

Hooray! a draping shawl/scarf made from wool off a sheep and dyed by a human hand. I really like it - it is for me of course!

Do you have a special skein you are stroking?
Jo xxxx


  1. Gorgeous Jo. You are right to wear this shawl with pride, far better than stroking the skein in a drawer once in a while. The yarn is just beautiful, I love hand dyed yarn, there is no other process than gives such beautifully subtle colour changes. I don't have any really nice yarn just now but I do lust after a skein or two of Wollmeise yarn for a pair of socks. Have a great week! x

  2. It is beautiful and you are so right, use it and show it off rather than hoard it and stroke it!

  3. This is so stunning! I often find beautiful fabric so difficult to cut into, but this shawl goes to prove how it looks even better when made into something.

  4. Used mine up Jo and still love it. That shawl is beautiful well done.

  5. Bravo for making such beautiful and immediate use of your yarn’ and thanks for sharing the results with us🤗

  6. Oh yes, very nice! It shows off that beautiful yarn perfectly. I just love the way blocking transforms a garment. It's a bit of yarny magic.