Sunday, 22 April 2018

Meet Lucky my King Sized Quilt

I have named this quilt 'Lucky'. I like to name my quilts on their completion because they become part of me; they grow their own personality. This is called Lucky because I have been so lucky to have been given such lovely fabrics by some fantastic people.

I spy some fabrics from some great bloggers: Christina, Amy (formerly of Love Made My Home),CJ and Helen

I spy fabrics from my Auntie Shirley

I spy fabrics from a work colleague whose elderly mother went into a home and couldn't take it with her

I spy fabric from my neighbour who has carpol tunnel and is unable to sew anymore and another neighbour who was having a clear out from her 1980s Laura Ashley off cuts.

I spy fabric Bloke bought me for my birthday and some of his old shirts

I spy fabrics given to me by companies as samples at shows.

I spy little snippets of all the clothes I have made for us over the last few years: bits of Liberty, school gingham skirts, pump bags, skirts, dresses and so much more.

Lucky takes on a different look at different times of the day, I like popping my head round the door to take a peek in the early evening especially.

It is made up of 252 dresden star blocks. You cut a rectangle 14cm X 20cm and then cut it on the diagonal. Next you use (or make out of card) a dresden template to make the shape in the middle plus seam allowances. 

There are 1008 pieces in this quilt. 252 x 3! 252 blocks with three pieces in each.

It is hand quilted with embroidery thread. It took four whole skeins in total split down the middle all from Helen Phillips. Time wise that is just over one week of evening hand sewing. The stitches are big to make it: a)possible, b)take out slack and ripples and c)look handmade.

The backing and wadding is the IKEA quilt that was already on our bed. The quilt topper was a few inches smaller all around so I sewed it on with the machine with the help of Bloke holding the weight of it before any hand quilting to keep it steady.I cut off the excess and original binding. The new binding is some I already had from Frumble, I went for the red. I used my binding foot which was a god send.

It is heavy. I don't know how heavy but trust me it is heavy. It keeps us very warm. I took this photo from some scaffolding in the farm yard (a long story) so the background is a dry muddy yard with my family holding it up. It was the only way to photograph such a heavy and large scale object.

Cost: it didn't cost me anything...just my time, love and patience. I did lots of thinking whilst doing it and that, to me, is priceless.

A mahoosive thank you to everyone who contributed, even if I missed you out on 'I spy' - if you did join in with this creation give us a little shout out. Can you see any of your fabrics?

One last thing - I TOTALLY LOVE IT!!!!!!!

Thanks for taking a look. Jo xxx


  1. Lucky is absolutely completely gorgeous! I don't know what else to say... a work of art, made with love, determination and imagination. I am so happy you chose to use some of my grey floral lawn. I'll be thinking of you when I wear my Sarah Blouse made with this fabric. xx

  2. This is extraordinarily beautiful. Love love love it! I especially love that so many people contributed, it makes it so special.
    I was lucky enough to have a hexagon bedspread my nan made me which is also full of memory fabric. I turned that into a throw for our daughter so now it gets used.

  3. Wow, Jo this is so beautiful and 'Lucky' is a perfect name for your quilt. Lots of love shown to you from people who have gifted the fabric and your offcuts of dresses / shirts / projects from your family made with love too.
    You can see so much love, care and attention has been sewn into your quilt and I feel very lucky that you included some of my fabrics into it!
    What a gorgeous heirloom you have created for the girls x

  4. It’s another wow from me too. Absolutely gorgeous, a real work of art, well done.

  5. No wonder you love it Jo. I love it too!!! One day I will make a full sized quilt. I love your hand quilting as it seems like something I might be able to do. This quilt really is what I love about and using up small pieces of fabric. It's a triumph.
    Jacquie xxx

  6. Wonderful Jo!!! It looks really great and I am sure that you will enjoy snuggling underneath it. Glad that I could contribute in a small way. xx

  7. Oh my! It is beautiful! I love how you have made it from scraps and contributions from others. Such a fabulous heirloom quilt. XXX

  8. Beautiful! so bright and cheerful!

  9. you have beautiful home. That lucky quilt is just perfect !!

  10. Jo, it's absolutely beautiful!!! You're so talented. I love that it's made with fabrics from so many places and people, and that you used a blanket you already had in making it. Just so wonderful. You did a fabulous job, you should be so proud.

  11. Fantastic! The design is wonderful, such a super way of using all those little bits and I'm sure it will be in the family for generations. It is also a bonus that it provided you with peace and calm during the construction process. x

  12. Oh, Jo, it's absolutely beautiful!! It's quite breathtaking in fact. I just love the rich history in all the different fabrics - to me, that is one of the joys of a patchwork quilt, the way it weaves together different elements of life and different memories. It's a triumph, I hope you are proud. I dream of being able to make something like this one day. xx

  13. Me encanta es preciosa, y cada trocito con su historia. Ese el verdadero patchwork. Besos.

    1. "I love it is beautiful, and every bit with its history. That the true patchwork"
      Thank you Sandra

  14. Wow! It is so beautiful! Well done! And a nice team effort by your family too:)

  15. Beautiful, filled with lots of wonderful memories and love. What could be better?

  16. Jo, this quilt is stunning! I absolutely love all of the colours. Lucky is exactly the right word to describe it, I’m sure it will be cherished for many years to come.

  17. This is soooo good! What a great cheery happy quilt, and how lovely to be able to snuggle under it! You've placed the fabrics in a great way - it is really effective - love it!

  18. Such a lovely bright and beautiful quilt. It's beautiful!

  19. Love the design you used! Your quilt is beautiful!

  20. Hi Jo,
    What a wonderful quilt! Just feel all the love surrounding you as you sleep and dream underneath it each night. Priceless memories and I hope you made a label for it!
    ~smile~ Roseanne

  21. A wonderfully scrappy quilt! And so many 'i spy' fabrics, lots to look at.