Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Me Made May 2018

My pledge for Me Made May 2108 is very specific this year...

I Jo, of Three stories High, sign up to participate in Me Made May 2018. I shall endeavour to wear my WATG jumper again during May 2018... The arms stretched way out of shape and are dangling over my hands, I made them too long in the first place! I will unravel them and re shape and knit them to save the worlds cotton resources. 

There is preparation, motivation (that is where you folks come in) and a touch of angst in this project which is why I have set myself this challenge. 

No mater how lucky you feel, or how half full your glass is you can't just unravel a couple of sleeves and re-knit the yarn. I know I have tried...the wobbly wool looses all tension especially on large needles. Meh!

You have to put in some time and know how. I knew this before but somehow thought I was a special human being and it wouldn't happen to me!

Firstly, I wound the wool onto a chair, then tied it in a few places to hold it steady.

Next, I put it in the sink for a little bath and stretched it out, I appreciate that this image looks like a toilet but rest assured it is the sink.

I hung them up to dry.

 Some small kind arms helped me get it back into usable balls. 

I won't lie to you it has been a faff but I loved wearing this sweater so much on holiday last year in France and want it back in the mix. Next up some knitting....I am going to change the sleeve shape so that it doesn't flop over my hands. 

This is what Me Made May does for me, it forces me into a corner!
Jo xxxx


  1. Oh oh that sounds like fighting talk Jo. If anyone can do it you can. You’ve already started and done the worst so crack on and show us how it turned out.

  2. You Go Jo! You can do it. You will be so happy you did when it is done.

  3. It is worth it when it's done. I have just re modeled a jumper and added to a scarf. I now have wearable items again. When I was little my mum bought old jumpers at the jumble sale, frogged them and reused the wool. Times were tough.

  4. I am on the sidelines rooting for you, you can do it.

  5. That is such a good idea. You're going to be even more proud of yourself when you get it just right. I didn't think it looked like a toilet until you mentioned it and then I shot tea out of my nose, so thanks a lot! Haha. :)

  6. This jumper is definitely worth the effort, love the colour and pattern. I am not sure about the toilets in your part of the world but ours look quite different :-)
    Cheering you on from a distance! x