Monday, 14 November 2016

#vintagepledge Sew Lovely Camisole

This has to be one of the easiest things I have ever sewn; a camisole in stretch lace to wear under jumpers. It is from an american pattern circa 1970 by Sew Lovely.

The fabric is sewn together using french seams to enclose the raw edges and the elastic was applied after I had overlocked all the way around the edges.

Pretty bows were added as a finishing touch. Simples! The fabric is from White Tree fabrics and was a complete bargain at £2.00 a metre in their mega summer sale a while back.

The knickers are about my fourth attempt at getting the So Zo free pattern to come a little higher up my bottom. These are the best so far but I could do with 2cm more on the back. You can't just add on 2cm in depth because then the sides are massive so each time you have to keep arching more out of the leg. Some might say why bother but I like learning new things!

I have worn them both for a whole day and I didn't know I was wearing them. They have both been through the wash too with great success. Have you ever made a camisole? 

Jo xx


  1. Gosh you are on fire at the moment. These look fab. I live in camisoles, mine are about 10 years old from M&S and rather tatty. Perhaps I could make replacements!

  2. Jo, I had a dream last night that I ran across a whole box of vintage patterns and I was sorting through them looking for something for you!

    1. Oh that is brilliant, I hope you saved the 36 bust ones for me!

  3. You make such lovely things, Jo...and I love how you are able to make everything from underclothes to coat! (Just catching up here and amazed at your clever coat making in a recent post!)
    Helen xox

  4. Your lovely sewing reminds me of the sewing that my friend does making amazing swim suits for synchronized swimmers! I admire the skills you both are honing. xx

  5. Wonderful. It looks so sophisticated and grown up. What a great idea now the weather has turned cooler.

  6. Dreamy! I've pinned it for you :o)

  7. Amazing, such a beautiful make. I love the pattern.

  8. That is so pretty. I am off to look at white tree fabrics now.

  9. Oh, so pretty! I bet you'll get loads of wear out of this.