Thursday, 17 November 2016

Lap Beanbag Tutorial

Us crafters are busy at this time of year making presents for family and friends. This little project is so inexpensive, quick and easy, I thought I would share it with you.It is a kindle/ipad/tablet/book lap beanbag perfect for crocheters who follow a pattern on an ipad while needing both hands free to work their magic or simply to use both fingers while typing on an ipad.

I used the bottom part of a pair of jeans. The top had been refashioned last year from large jeans into a miniskirt here. I had stowed the remaining legs in my craft cupboard and came across them the other day.

Two of the main seams required are already done if you use jeans but you could cut a piece of fabric 50cm x 46cm and sew it along one seam to make a tube.

Sew across one end. Trim off the corners and turn it the right way.

Fill it by three quarters with bean bag beans. You could liberate some from a current beanbag - nobody will notice! They get everywhere so do it inside the bag, don't try to pour them.

Turn under the opening making a seam and top stitch the end closed. Ensure you make the seam go in the opposite direction to the first end.

Lap beanbag complete. 
This one is for a man so the denim worked really well.

This tutorial is for my friend Fleur, enjoy! Jo xxx


  1. I am impressed, such an easy but very great make. A great gift.

  2. Brilliant make Jo. Thanks for such a great idea.

  3. Clever you, Jo! Thanks for sharing the idea and how to :) xx

  4. I like this! Such a quick sew too. Must try this for the kids.