Friday, 11 November 2016

Why should you try batch cutting?

Thank you so much for all your wonderful comments about my new coat. It is getting some wear I can tell you...Brrr!But today I want to share something else with you.

If you are full of sewing procrastination my remedy is to commit by cutting out. This is a devilishly brutal way of starting sewing projects but puts a stop to that 'saving-fabric-for-something special' scenario that happens to so many of us. I cut out in batches. Why?

Maybe I am going to make a Christmas skirt.
But if I cut it, I am definitely going to make a Christmas skirt.
  • I am more committed to making the item once cut.
  • I can make a mess all in one go and hoover once.
Still messing around with the So Zo pants pattern.
If I cut another pair and write down my modifications I might get there.
  • If you share your sewing space with family, it is a good way to only disrupt everyone once in a while.
  • I can squeeze in half hour/hour sewing sessions with it all in a bag rather than having to think if I can be bothered to clear everyone's stuff away just so I can get started.
You can also see the range of things you make. Today I cut two long sleeved T-shirts for the girls, one Coco for me, a blouse for me, an experimental Christmas skirt and the ongoing modifications for my perfect knicker.
  • I can see what other notions I need to take a project to completion.
  • I can cut out easy and tricky things then depending on what sewing I want to tackle, I have a sewing choice.
  • I don't really like cutting out so it gets it all out of the way in one go.

Each project goes in bag with matching thread and a bobbin if I have it and any notions I can find in my cupboard: zips, interfacing, buttons etc. I make a mental note of anything I need to buy and pop it in the bag when I find it over the following weeks/months.

Hours of happy sewing all lined up in little bags - I can choose easy or hard, drafting or instructions, stretch or non stretch.

Thanks for stopping by to read a little about my making process.
Are you a cutter or a procrastinator?
Jo xx


  1. I agree with you in principle. I dislike cutting out and often do it on a different day to the sewing, just so I get it out of the way. These days cutting out has to be done on the floor as there is no other space and even then it involves clearing things out of the way first. There is only so much pain my knees and back can take though while clambering about over the hard floor, so unfortunately this won't work for me. I know it would get me sewing more for sure though. Especially as I am a great procrastinator.

  2. I am a procrastinator but once I get going I am getting things done. I might try your way though, it sounds more efficient. x

  3. I batch cut projects too! I really don't mind the cutting out part of sewing anyway.
    I have just cut out T&tB's new Cleo dungaree dress this evening and have made a note of the notions I need to complete it. I am not sure when I'll get a chance to sew it together though!

  4. Jo, I missed your beautiful coat debut. I love it, lots going on over here in crazy politics land that has had my attention. You are brilliant in every single way I can think of. My best to you.

  5. Jo, you really never cease to amaze. Could you get anymore efficient. Did you have any luck getting rid of the smell on the fabric?

    1. My coat had a dry clean and is perfect now. They were even kind enough to test the procedure on a left over piece before they did my actual coat - How kind!

  6. What good idea. My wiltshire berries Liberty print has been in the drawer for over a year. Tomorrow its getting cut out, along with another top I've been meaning to make. I get nervous cutting out expensive fabric, ha ha.

  7. That's good. Recently I did batch cutting for cushions.

  8. Ooo, I think you might be a genius. This is such a good idea. I often have sort spells of potential sewing time but they are wasted because it's not long enough to do all the prep. One miserable afternoon getting it all together would mean quick and easy, grab a bag and get stuck in time later. I'm SO doing this next year. New years resolution sorted!

  9. Think you suggested this before and I tried it. It worked brilliantly then I didn't remember to do it again! Feeling inspired. thanks lovely. xx ps are you on instagram?

  10. Thanks for sharing your great organizational process, Jo. I definitely am a procrastinator when it comes to cutting...and just need to carry on! :)